September 2015 – Elizabeth Rose
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Angels & Spirit guides – What is the difference?
As a medium and healer, I often refer to spirit guides and angels for guidance during a reading.  This not only helps me to help you but also helps people learn more about their guides and angels.
Angels are beautiful beings made up of mainly love and light and come from the spirit world.
There are nine varieties of angels that we know of.
We have the seraphim, the cherubs, the thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels and angels.
Each and every one of us is born with at least two guardian angels to stay with us and protect us through our earthly life to guide us – whenever we need them.
Most of the time they are not allowed to help unless you ask for them.
You do not need to know their names to do this.
Spirit guides.
These guides are lovely. These are spirits that have lived an earthly life before and will help you through the trying times of your life.
We are born with two guides assigned to us that stay with us throughout life.
However, we can have more as we travel through life.
For example if you are going through a challenging time, and you need to learn about courage, then a guide that has that experience will come and teach and guide you.
Family member’s that have crossed over can also be your guide, they never stop helping you even from the spirit world.  They still tell you off and keep an eye on you but always with love as their main goal. – Louise PIN 7492

Right from the first day of soul creation our souls have plans laid out to aid and assist in our soul progression.
Before we each reincarnate to earth to our earthly bodies, we hold a meeting with our spirit guides, angels and other souls that will be with us on our earthly journey.
Each and every one of us is blessed with the gift of free will.
Free will means we have the right to choose.
However, there are certain things included with our soul plans that free will cannot change.
This could be a certain lesson we must learn or it could involve certain people who are meant to be in our life no matter how we or they resist.
These people can be in our lives for various reasons, to teach one another about love and trust, or to teach about something else.
Free will gives us the right to choose how we learn the lessons and how we reach our destination in learning, not who or what we learn.
Spirit will give you an ample amount of time to get there alone. If, by a certain point in time, you have not reached the correct point, spirit will intervene and help you.
These lessons are essential for your own growth and soul progression.
At some point in life you may experience a feeling of deja vu, where you feel like you may have experienced something before at the exact same time and place. It is only for a second when it happens. These small triggers are from your time in the spirit world where you will have had chance to view your lessons and experience them. I call them nudges whereby you are being nudged to show that you are on the correct path! Louise – PIN 7492
The term soul mate has been long used throughout history to describe someone who you were meant to love. Whilst a soul mate can be just that, a soul mate can also be an enemy in order to teach us lessons for our souls progression. Anyone in our soul clan is actually our soul mate.
We tend to reincarnate with the same group of people, in one life, a soul mate could be the sibling you do not get along with or your mother in one life could be your aunt in the next.
A twin flame on the other hand is someone that is from the same soul as you.Basically, it is two halves of the same soul. A soul you will have the masculine side and the feminine side.
However, the two sides have to live lifetimes as both genders in order for things to be balanced and for each side to progress.
When the two sides meet up again it can be wonderful. Sometimes though, depending on what each has experienced in past lives and in the present lifetimes, connecting and staying connected can be hard at first.
Occasionally, twin flames are not destined to stay together in some lifetimes. They are destined to meet for a short while for soul progression or to be given a nudge to set them on the correct path. However, in some lifetimes certain people are just meant to be.
I will write more about this in the next blog entry about soul plans and progression.
Thank you for reading – Louise PIN 7492