Soul Mates and Twin Flames – By Louise – Elizabeth Rose
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Soul Mates and Twin Flames – By Louise

The term soul mate has been long used throughout history to describe someone who you were meant to love. Whilst a soul mate can be just that, a soul mate can also be an enemy in order to teach us lessons for our souls progression. Anyone in our soul clan is actually our soul mate.
We tend to reincarnate with the same group of people, in one life, a soul mate could be the sibling you do not get along with or your mother in one life could be your aunt in the next.
A twin flame on the other hand is someone that is from the same soul as you.Basically, it is two halves of the same soul. A soul you will have the masculine side and the feminine side.
However, the two sides have to live lifetimes as both genders in order for things to be balanced and for each side to progress.
When the two sides meet up again it can be wonderful. Sometimes though, depending on what each has experienced in past lives and in the present lifetimes, connecting and staying connected can be hard at first.
Occasionally, twin flames are not destined to stay together in some lifetimes. They are destined to meet for a short while for soul progression or to be given a nudge to set them on the correct path. However, in some lifetimes certain people are just meant to be.
I will write more about this in the next blog entry about soul plans and progression.
Thank you for reading – Louise PIN 7492