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What is astrology?

There are many unknowns in our universe, with questions we may never or will never have answers to. Are we alone in the universe? Why are we here and where is everyone else? One form of making sense of what is around us is to look to the stars for help. Astrology is the study of celestial bodies, such as planets and stars, in relation to their positioning and movement in the sky. Observations are then attributed to how they have an affect or influence on the terrestrial world. One such medium for the application of astrology is horoscopes.

Are horoscopes and Astrology the same thing?

Most people will be more aware of the term horoscopes than of the study of Astrology. Horoscopes are part of Astrology but not the same, horoscopes essentially use the astrology chart and knowledge of celestial positioning to predict future events. Astrology prediction has been used for thousands of years and dates back as far as 2400 years ago. This was also the first use of horoscopes.

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Types of Astrology

Astrology has been developed and formed over thousands of years, but it’s roots are believed to be as early as the City of Babylon. Modern day astrology has taken a lot of influence from Ancient Egyptian Astrology especially by using a zodiac system. Some astrology charts are based on a 12 month cycle, whereas the Chinese calendar is based on a 12 year cycle.

Chinese Astrology

When it comes to astrology, most people are familiar with the chinese zodiac astronomy chart. Astrology in China is important as the Chinese calendar does not use the widely adopted Gregorian Calendar, the calendar we use in the UK. The Traditional Chinese calendar works on a 12 year basis and uses Astronomical phenomena to reconcile, days, months and years. For ease of doing global business they have adopted the Gregorian Calendar, but all significant dates are aligned with the Chinese Calendar, for example, Chinese New Year.

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Indian Astrology

Also known as Hindu Astrology, Indian Astrology is the basis for the UK astrology system now used in most English speaking countries. Jyotisha is the word in Sanskrit used for Astrology and roughly translates to heavenly body, in reference to the stars. The Astrology Chart used for Indian Astrology uses the same date and representation as the westernised English alternative, the only difference being the names of each. For example, the UK Astrology Chart uses a ram for Aries, and the Indian Astrology equivalent is known as Meṣa, which also uses the ram.

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What is an astrology chart?

UK Astrology uses a chart of 12 signs, which make up the Zodiac spectrum. Depending on the date you were born, will dictate which sign you are. The astrology chart is based on the position of the Sun, in relation to the Earth, at a given point in the year. So if you were born in January you could either be a Capricorn or an Aquarius.

Is it the same as a birth chart?

A birth chart is a more in depth breakdown of how the Solar system was aligned the moment you were born. All Astrology Charts are part of your birth chart, but a birth chart is a bigger picture of your personality. Your birth chart will give a Zodiac sign for where the moon and the planets were the minute you were born. For instance, being born in early March at around 5pm would show your Sun position is Pisces, and your moon position is Scorpio. Birth charts allow a much better understanding of who you are.

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What services does Elizabeth Rose offer?

From Tarot readings to Horoscopes, Elizabeth Rose can help with understanding your personality and give accurate readings on anything life throws at you. Sometimes choice can be overwhelming and it is helpful to have some guidance from what the Tarot cards, or a clue from what your horoscopes have to say. Get in touch today!