Your Aries Horoscope

March 21st - April 19th

Your weekly horoscope from Monday 18th January – Sunday 24th January.

There will be a light at the end of the tunnel at last where one particular project is concerned, and you will get a pat on the back for it at the end of the day. Some kind of document involving a solicitor will drag on and you may have to gee them up to get on with it. Some nice news from a friend will really cheer you up. You will feel suspicious when one person really obviously tries to impress you and you will stand back from them.

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What does being an Arian mean?

Aries is the first astrological sign on the Zodiac and it runs from March 21st – April 19th. It is represented by the Ram and is a Fire element.

Aries Characteristics:

Many Aries have a strong personality and can put their own needs above others. Often independent and considered to be strong, Aries is a master at hiding any insecurities that they have. Natural and confident as leaders they love the thrill of the chase, often not enjoying the fruits of their labours as much as other Zodiac signs would. Typically impulsive, Aries will talk about whatever is on their mind and regret it later when it comes back to haunt them!

Aries Strengths:

Generous, Independent, Enthusiastic and Optimistic.

Aries Weaknesses:

Self Indulgent, Impatient, Short Tempered and prone to mood swings.

How to attract an Aries man:

In the workplace, Aries men typically like to be in charge and in a position of authority. You will often find them working late into the evening and you could offer to help as a ruse to get closer to him. If you’ve set your sights on an Aries man be prepared to make an effort to keep up with his energetic ways, otherwise he will leave you behind. Aries men like to motivate and encourage so asking for their help will be a blessing to him.

How to attract an Aries woman:

The first thing you need to do to get a Aries lady to fall for you is to accept her just the way she is. She will be direct and have lots of energy and also have a tendency to argue! If you indulge your lady and her impulsive side she will be yours for the keeping. Surprise her with an unplanned date or whisk her away at a moment’s notice for a a night of passion!