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Now you can text a psychic anywhere, anytime on our great psychic text service. It’s easy!

For all text readings simply:



Your question, problem or worry to


18+ only. £1.50 per message received + standard network charges. max 3 msgs per reply.

A talented psychic reader will text you back, then you can ask all those burning questions. The benefit of using our text service is that you can use it anytime and anywhere. It is a great alternative to having a full telephone reading when you are short of time. You can text a psychic from home whilst having a Sunday morning lie-in, on a train, while out shopping – anytime you want a question answering.

You can ask a question about any area of your life, whether it is career, family, finances or love just text ROSE to 78887. If you are ever unsure or just don’t know which way to turn then the Psychic Text Readings service is just the right tool to offer help and guidance.

Psychic Text Readings are cost effective, simple and easy to access any time of day or night.

Each message you receive costs £1.50. We have some wonderful psychic readers ready to answer your questions. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Help: 0207 111 6210
Texts cost £1.50. Max 3 msgs per reply. 18+ Entertainment only. SP: Inveroak.

Help: 01623792474
Text a Psychic services have been provided by Elizabeth Rose for many years.

Credit Card Readings

UK & N.I
01623 625745 (Pay over the phone by Credit Card)
+44 1623 625745 (Pay over the phone by Credit Card)

20 minute reading at £34.50/€42.00 or 30 minute reading a £45.50/€63.00.

Phone Readings

UK & N.I

£1.50 per reply, maximum of 3 replies per msg sent. Standard network charges apply for msgs sent. 18+ only. To opt out of free promo msgs call Helpline: 01623 625745. SP: InverOak

SMS Text Readings




Your question, problem or worry to


18+ only. £1.50 per message received + standard network charges. max 3 msgs per reply.

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Psychic Text Readings are becoming increasingly popular with clients who do not have the time to have a full telephone reading. As technology has moved forward over the past few years, text a psychic services have replaced the old style email readings. There are many benefits to the Psychic Text service, primarily that it is extremely simple and easy to access. You can text a psychic from the comfort of your own home, on the train or while waiting in a queue! One of the best advantages is that you do not need access to the internet. You can literally access this service anywhere and at any time.

Psychic text services couldn’t be simpler to use. All you need to do is text ROSE to 7887 and you will then receive a Psychic Text from one of our gifted readers. You will receive an immediate response from one of our handpicked, gifted readers and all answers will be specific to the question asked. If you are unsure of how to text a psychic, look on our homepage and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can text a psychic in regards to any area of your life – love, relationships, family matters or career.

Phone Use

Why Text a Psychic?

There are occasions in every person’s life where they feel unable to talk to friends or family about a particular problem or issue that they are facing. It could be that you are seeking an unbiased opinion and if you text a psychic then you can be sure that this will be the case. Psychic Text readers are not there to offer a personal opinion, they will offer you advice and guidance using their psychic abilities. You can be sure to receive a personal message which directly relates to the question that you have asked.

If you are feeling troubled or have something pressing on your mind, our text a psychic services can help. You are only a text away from receiving guidance or clarification.