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Wow! I can say so many great things about Agnes. I called 4am (US time) for some clarity because I was struggling with a relationship problem and she picked up on it and my POI right away and provided so much insight and clarity. All was accurate and resonated and also provided things to look forward to. Agnes is the real deal! She even picked up on a situation I had never even verbalized to anyone. Thank you so much, you’ve helped me to find peace with the situation.

– K

Just came off a call with Arabella and feeling much better in myself. She attuned quickly to me and my situation without me saying anything apart from confirming that she was correct. The reading was not only comforting but practical too with a lot of guidance given.
Thank you Arabella. X

– A

Had another wonderful reading session with Kate. It deeply resonated with me and has left me with valuable insights to ponder.

– L

I cannot recommend Claire Angelica highly enough, she is the most deeply insightful, wise, light being that swiftly heals with her words and energy. She has not only put my mind to rest with her spot on reading but shifted my energy completely to a calm and positive state where I feel completely at peace and excited about my future. What a beautiful lady, I’m so glad we met.

– Ruby

I had a reading with Martyn about 3 months ago as I was rather low at the time, Martyn gave me hope, not false hope, I managed to put my life into order now and his reading set me on in a better direction.

This was my first ever reading with a clairvoyant and the messages that came from the spirit world were spot on and I now know I am not alone, so thanks for the reading, you are so very kind, my sister often calls Martyn so she told me about this fantastic reader, thanks again, 10/10, kind regards.

– Peter

Maia is a wonderful reader , very reassuring and articulate and detailed . She is calming ,  empathic and  got to  the root of my issues and concerns . An uplifting , positive reading . Thankyou Maia !  Gabriella .

– Gabriella


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Elizabeth Rose Psychics have been providing professional and trusted telephone psychic readings for over two decades. Our success lies in the quality of our excellent psychics, mediums and clairvoyants and their ability to connect on all levels. We are proud to offer some of the best psychics and mediums in the industry – most of our psychic readers have worked with us for many years.

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Melanie is a compassionate and understanding Psychic Clairvoyant. Melanie tunes into you quickly and is exceptional with relationship problems and psychological issues. She is a natural clairvoyant and has had her abilities since birth and has been practising regularly for 20 years. Melanie connects with the spirit world for help and guidance.

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June 21st – July 22nd There will be a forced politeness between you and an old sparring partner but it could actually turn into a real friendship if you could only let go of a perceived slight. A new love will grow out of the embers of a old flame, with someone you would never have considered a suitable match. We all learn and grow and this individual has, too.
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June 21st – July 22nd The higher ups will notice your hard work, Cancer. And it's perfect timing as there is an opening that is just perfect for you to step in to. A senior staff member could be a fabulous mentor if you push away the negative doubts around your abilities. Watch out for overindulging in something considered to be 'healthy' - too much of one thing is good.
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June 21st – July 22nd You can and will accomplish a lot this week, Cancer. Focus on the most important tasks first and the rest will fall into place. You will reflect back on an old relationship and see things for what they really were and realise with hindsight you made the right decision. This will give you peace of mind, finally.
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June 21st – July 22nd Set some healthy boundaries with a loved one, Cancer. You are teetering on the edge of exhaustion and you must stop the constant drain on your energy. You will feel drawn to someone who you've known for some time because you see a different side to them. Don't overthink this, allow yourself to entertain the idea that opposites really do attract.
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June 21st – July 22nd There will be development in your career, Cancer and it's pay off time for all of your hard work. Negotiate your worth, don't accept the first offer that is suggested to you. You have some unique ideas for your home and you should follow your heart on a project and follow the crowd.
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June 21st – July 22nd You will be made aware of a complication with a love interest. It will be initially confusing but nothing that you can't work out together, that's if you want to of course. It isn't the dealbreaker that it initially seems. Being flexible at work will stand you in good stead for when promotion comes around. Don't pigeonhole yourself or you will never climb that career ladder.
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June 21st – July 22nd It's never too late for education, Cancer. Don't let your age be a barrier to learning new skills and improving your lot in life. Go for it! An old flame is thinking about making contact and will approach a mutual friend. Be mindful of a colleague that is struggling. A discreet offer of help will pave the way to a firm friendship.
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June 21st – July 22nd The emphasis is on work this week. Relationships with colleagues will strengthen and it will put you in a strong position for advancement. In other areas of your life, you should focus on a financial matter without delay and also make sure you are getting enough down time to recoup and re-energise so you don't burn out.
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June 21st – July 22nd Being the odd one out is sometimes a good thing, Cancer. Follow your dreams and stand out from the crowd if you have to. It will serve you well and you will achieve a greater sense of inner peace and well being. A colleague is out of their depth and it would be kind to offer emotional support. Covering for their mistakes is not going to help them in the long run so please think of yourself on this occasion.
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June 21st – July 22nd Get ready to shine as this week is all about romance. You are about to find out about a secret admirer and it is someone you've know for some time. Once you get over the shock you will start to understand their past actions towards you. Due to the lift in confidence, you will attract another romantic interest and be spoiled for choice.