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Aura is a very compassionate reader. Her calls brighten up my day. She is a very skilled phychic, highly recommend.

– Isaac

Reader Rev

I am no stranger to the experience of  receiving a reading.  Bill kindly have me a reading today and I can’t imagine a more hepfulful, accurate and honest insight into my situation.  I lost my connection at the end and couldn’t thank him;  therefore I thank you now, Bill.  SUPERB.  I’ll definitely be back for more.

– Christian

For a while now, I have been on a journey to find a Reader / Clairvoyant whom I can connect with one every level and trust. Today the Universe looked favourably on me and opened the door to the chosen one, Paul. From the moment I was in contact with Paul, it was as though my life was an open scroll and what Paul said was 100% accurate and given in a truthful and mindful way. It was as though there was an invisible channel between myself and Paul. His reading is clear and understandable. To keep this short, I have come away feeling completely reinvigored and able to understand my thought process better and how to change it to effect the very changes I have been longing for and which Paul spoke about without my having to offer any information. What makes Paul so real is his Psychic ability to read a persons scroll of life in a matter of minutes and offer up hope and confirm the solution which is already within us. I recommend Paul to the highest degree, he is honest, kind, direct and REAL. If you are serious about what you are seeking and the information and person you want, is the ‘real deal’ per sè, then contact Paul. Clairvoyants like Paul are like a needle in a hay stack, they are very few. He is a blessing to those who come to him. He helped change my here and now today. Michael

– Michael

Oh Fiona, you are a star, can you move into my house please. You were right again, just like before. What else can I say, I wish I had listened. !!!!!

– Caroline

Freda Joy predicted that the year 2022 would be the year that my career takes off. And she was spot on as I have just recently went up the career ladder having worked at the same level at work for what seems like forever! What she says to you in a reading all resonates with you and she is excellent at putting things across that she is getting. Thank you Freda Joy.

– Ryan

I am delighted to give feedback following a reading with Victoria. I have had a number of readings with what I would call ‘old school’ readers that are not sincere and patronising. Victoria is not like that at all. She is very professional and straightforward. She also has insight and has an integrity abut her that I didn’t find with many readers that unfortunately were very often a waste of time and money. I understand she is new but I am sure she will become a very popular and well-respected reader for Elizabeth Rose. I wish her well and thank her for a valuable reading. I’d also like to say a big thank you to the reception staff who are excellent.

– P


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Melanie is a compassionate and understanding Psychic Clairvoyant. Melanie tunes into you quickly and is exceptional with relationship problems and psychological issues. She is a natural clairvoyant and has had her abilities since birth and has been practising regularly for 20 years. Melanie connects with the spirit world for help and guidance.

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Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Sign


Feb 19th – March 20th You will feel on a roll where work and career are concerned. You may have to change an arrangement you have to meet someone at the last minute, which you will not be able to help. Someone will give you an idea of how you can get some extra cash. Look after bags and keep a special eye on anything containing money. You won’t be very impressed when you hear from an old flame.


Jan 20th – Feb 18th You will study a new diet that someone has recommended to you. You will decide to decorate and change one room in your house and set about looking what you can do. A friend will need some moral support and they will treat you later for all your help. Work will seem a bit of a drag and you will begin to wonder if you are in the right job. A small amount of unexpected cash will perk you up though.


Dec 22nd – Jan 19th You will feel a bit guilty when you refuse to lend someone some money, but in your heart, you will know that you are doing the right thing, and also it would be doubtful if you would ever get it back. New relationships go well this weekend. Singles have the choice between two dates this weekend. Long term relationships perk up and it seems a romantic Saturday night is on the cards.


Nov 22nd – Dec 21st Some will want to delay their education and career and take off for a year to see the world. However, it will not be as easy as it sounds, so there could well be a delay. News from another country will be rather surprising. You will be invited to a group that meet regularly and knew each other from the past. You will be itching to book a holiday sun sea and lounging around will be the main aim!!


Oct 23rd – Nov 21st A group of people that you know will ask you if you would like to go on a holiday with them. You will feel that a work colleague is being a bit too friendly, and you will make up your mind to try and avoid them in the future. You will feel that you would like a new vehicle but not know which to buy. Someone close will be only too willing to give you their expert opinion.


Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd A large bill needs to be challenged and sorted out as soon as possible. Those good at craft will find an outlet to sell some of their creations. A new job could be on the horizon but keep a sharp eye out; it won’t be available for long. A neighbour seems to have a bee in their bonnet about a boundary, try and avoid confrontation and be neutral if you can. You will think about having a pet.


Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd You will think about going to a gym; if you are already in a gym, you will think about changing to a new one. A friend will try and persuade you to go on a boat trip of some kind. A child will do very well, and you will sort out some kind of surprise reward for them. Singles will meet someone new and really like them, but be a bit uncertain about them in some way, may be a trust issue?


July 23rd – Aug 22nd You will be quite pleased with yourself how you have progressed in a hobby. An invitation to someone’s home will have you feeling a bit uncertain whether to go or not. You will feel that someone at work is being deliberately awkward, but you will still to your guns. You will be pleased when someone gives you a recommendation about an exciting book. Singles will have the chance to meet someone new in a park.


June 21st – July 22nd You will have to make a decision regarding a work issue, but it might help to confide in a close friend about it all. You will want to plan a special holiday; however, you might have a bit of a problem trying to persuade the person that you want to go with first. Someone will take you for a special meal and you will feel quite emotional about it. Some lovely flowers are soon going to arrive out of the blue.


May 21st - June 20th You will organise a trip to the coast this weekend, which will be enjoyed by everyone. A time coming up to celebrate, definitely worth getting some balloons. You will renew your skills working out a new budget. However, you will enjoy a little money that will come out of the blue. You will do some baking and take it with you when you meet a regular group, who will be very happy to eat it.