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Psychic People – Those with gifts

Since the dawn of time people have been known to possess Psychic abilities. There are numerous terms to explain these individuals, Clairvoyants, Fortune Tellers, Psychics and Mediums. This is by no means an exhaustive list, however, these are terms relative to those who have abilities. A simple breakdown of some of the terms are below:

Clairsentient: This is an ability to feel or sense the vibrations or aura’s of living beings.

ClairvoyantThis term means ‘clear seeing’. The reader is able to see clearly in their mind’s eye a situation or event and relay this to their client.

Psychic: This is the ability to sense things or access information with little or no prior knowledge.

MediumThis is someone who is able to communicate with spirits that have passed over. It could be a human or animal spirit. This ability is usally present at birth or can materialise after a trauma or a period of illness.

Throughout history, Psychics have been held in high regard and also with great scorn. Their abilities are either believed or met with cynicism. That being said, Psychics have shaped the world’s history as great Kings relied on their wisdom and entered into marriages and wars on the word of their chosen one.

Not too long ago, if you wanted to consult a psychic or medium you would travel to visit a fortune teller. This was especially popular at seaside resorts but unfortunately quite often their custom was a one-off. There has always been spiritualist meetings where like minded people could gather and share their skills and experiences. These are often known as psychic cirlces and are still common today.

In the modern day, Psychics and their style of reading has moved on. They are becoming increasingly popular due to the advent of the internet. They have become accessible to all walks of life as customers can contact a reader at any time of the day or night. It is a very discreet service nowadays and customers can have their readings in the comfort of their own home. With the advent of ‘text’ readings, it is even easier to get a psychic’s response to a burning question. Text services can be accessed almost anywhere just so long as your phone has a signal.

At Elizabeth Rose, all of our credit card readings come with a 5 minute guarantee. If, for any reason, you have doubts that the reader is connecting with you all you need to do is call back the reception team on 01623 625745 and let them know. As long as you call back within the first 5 minutes of your booking you are then entitled to a full refund or a reset of minutes back to the original duration purchased. This is a no quibble guarantee and can be used even if you have spoken to the reader in the past and had a good connection.

As well as different types of psychics, there are also many different abilities and belief. These include; Astral ProjectionAutomatic WritingMeditation and Psychics in Religion.

Please keep an eye on our website’s homepage as special offers are updated periodically. All you need to is quote the special offer to the reception team and they can process your transaction at the reduced rate.