Since History began there has always been a record of Psychics. These people were believed to be able to see in the future and predict events that have yet to unfold. Over the years they have held various labels:- Witches, Psychics, Spiritualists and Clairvoyants to name just a few. All cultures seem to have their own version of psychics and these are widely documented. Psychic abilities have not always been believed and there have been many cynics and disbelievers.

Ancient Times

In ancient Egypt, Psychics were consulted by Royalty in regards to marriage possibilities and by heads of state to see whether they should or shouldn’t go to war. Unfortunately, if any of the predictions didn’t work out as planned the Psychic would be punished, banished or even sent to their death.

During ancient times, many cultures practice Hieromancy or blood magic: gory rituals for divination using entrails of animals or humans using them as a sacrifice.

Medieval and Renaissance

Moving forward in time to the advent of Judaism and Christianity, Psychics fell from favour as priests and members of the clergy took on the role of spiritual advisor. Their claims that they got instructions from a higher diety took precedence over the Psychics. A very notable incident of the Salem Witch Trials shows just how far they had fallen in the ranks of society. Women who were thought to have a ‘second sight’ were killed by stoning, hanging or even crushed! This is because the burgeoning Christianity movement believed they were the devils work. Nostradamus is a very popular ‘seer’ who wrote and had his prophecies published in the 16th Century. To this day his prophecies still ring true.

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Modern Times

In the modern world, Psychics are very accepted and some greatly renowned. There are many tools that Psychics use to help guide them, Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls and Crystals to name a few. There are also readers that do not need to use tools and rely solely on their psychic ability. There are some that can connect to spirits that have passed over and these are called Mediums.

There is a ‘Celebrity’ culture emerging in this field. Television shows have been increasingly popular and there are lots of Psychics taking their show ‘on the road’ so to speak. They often work to full capacity and they are increasingly becoming popular as an entertainment service, with Hen Parties and Work Parties finding them informative and fun!

In the USA, Police Departments regularly rely on the information from Psychics and actually have them on their payroll. At times, there has been overwhelming evidence supporting the validity of predictions but unfortunately, those in the academic arena tend to be very sceptic.

Moving forward, we would like to think there will always be a place in society for those that are gifted with psychic abilities. The popularity and availability of these services can only make them more accepted in this modern world. With acceptance comes belief. If you ever wonder what the future has in store for you why don’t you call Elizabeth Rose Psychics on 01623 625745. Our friendly receptionists will be able to advise you on the most suitable psychic for your needs.