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A few years ago I had a dream it was so vivid.

I dreamt that I was on a cruise ship that was leaning right over on its side. I was sitting on it and my husband was with me and I was frantic and told him to use his phone to get help as we were sinking.

There was a big black hole in the side of the ship that I presumed we had climbed out of.

I woke up and told my husband about it and then we decided to put the TV on to watch the news as we normally did most mornings.

The first image that appeared was a cruise ship leaning over and in trouble.

We could not believe out eyes.

It was the Italian ship Costa Concordia that had run onto a sandbank

That was 13 January 2012, which was actually a Friday!!!

I have had many cruises and experienced three near misses myself.

The first was on the Canberra on the last day of the cruise a fire broke out and it was under my cabin.

I wondered why my floor was hot!

No sprinklers were on board.

However the fire was put out in the engine room and we ended up on the BBC news!!

The ship was retired the following year when all engines failed at sea and tugs had to bring her back to port.

The second one was when I was on a brand new Princess ship called The Royal.

We were in the middle of a talk about what a state of the art the ship was and the fuel etc., when everything when black and quiet.

The engines had failed we were 85 miles from Naples however they managed to limp slowly back to port every time they put a spurt on, everything including lights stopped and went out.

They gave us all our money back even though we had had 10 days of the cruise!

The third experience was the worst and scary.

Again Princess Cruises this time The Regal a brand new ship.

We arrived at Santorini in the Greek Islands and anchored off in the bay when we were hit by a Hurricane.

The ship start to tip over and the Captain could not get the thrusters (if that’s the word) out to steady the ship.

Chairs started falling off balconies into the sea.

They struggled to get life- boats off in the horrific wind.

We were told later the wind was 92.2 miles an hour.

The Captain said after in all his 19 years he had never known anything like it.

Water was pouring several inches deep from the toilets and as the ship tipped bottles and glasses fell off the bar.

Staff were frantically rushing about.

We thought that our end had come.

Huge swirling waves were in the sea and it was very dark, even though it had been swelteringly hot an hour before.

The Captain pulled out of the bay into the sea and as we came out of the bay the ship started to go upright.

We waited till the evening this was around 2 am till the storm finished then went back to the two thousand passengers and five hundred staff stranded at the port of Santorini and picked them up.

Strange but true.

We think of witches today as people who have a black cat and that they use spells and calls upon the spirits.

In the middle ages people were afraid of witches and they played a large part in people’s lives.

In 1301 the Bishop of Coventry was accused of sorcery to acquire a large fortune. They thought that witchcraft was a threat to Christianity.

In 1509 Margaret Read was burnt at the stake in Kings Lynn for being a Witch.

They even believed that witches could turn men into animals at one point.

The Greeks had curse tablets – these were put into the graves where the dead could work their magic.

A witch was said to have magical powers that could hurt people; however, it could be male or female.

The witch had to be hard and dead and hate people.

You would protect yourself and your home and family from a witch. They used marks like the letter M derived from the Virgin Mary around their home.

They would never let a witch enter their home and if they were spoken to by a witch, they would throw the words back at them to protect themselves.

In the 1590’s time the idea of a witch had transformed into an old ragged poor lame aged woman with a blind eye. Her dry twisted body it was believed could harm people or animals by just looking at them. However, they thought that a woman could not do this, it was the devil and witches became demon.


Women on a ship was considered bad luck, as there was jealousy amongst the crew and this caused discontent and arguments and distracted them from their work and legend has it that they thought it made the sea angry.

However, apparently naked women have a calming affect on the sea that is why in days gone by they used to be portrayed on the front of ships.

The launching of a ship and naming it is usually done after it has been built and it has done its sea trials and is ready to sail.

History tells us that as early as 3rd millennium BC they used to launch the ships and some would sacrifice an ox probably to please the Gods.

The Vikings continued celebrating the launch with the spilling of blood then gradually that became Wine then eventually Champagne.

Today, we have a woman to launch the ship and this believe is to bring good luck and prosperity.

Friday was a bad day, they believed, to start a journey on a ship. They think this derived from the fact that Christ was crucified on a Friday.

They thought Sunday was the best day to start a journey, again may be believed as Christ was resurrected on a Sunday.

They believed that clapping on board a ship brought thunder and lightning and whistling brought them a storm.

No bananas were allowed on board, as ships that carried them often disappeared.

The theory was that the bananas fermented and released toxic gases that killed the sailors.

Another theory was that poisonous spiders would hide in the bananas and kill the crew so it was a bad omen to have the bananas on board.

If sailors died on board due to an accident the sailors believed that their spirits haunted the ship and put a curse on the vessel. So, if anything went wrong they would blame the spirits.

If you are looking for a new partner, it is tricky these days, especially with Covid stopping many social events. However, things are beginning to relax so bear this in mind.

Look at your own interests first and what you like doing.

For instance, you might like reading. Most Libraries have a book club, which is usually free. They also hold events, talks and day classes at very reasonable prices.

You may like some kind of craft-work, look at your local council, community, college and schools as they usually hold a variety of interests.

If you like exercise there are local Gyms but if you can, go to one with a café so that you can sit and chat and talk to others. Go to the classes they have too, not just go on the equipment and you will soon start conversations.

There are rambling groups that you could join and if you like swimming, there are swimming times where adults only attend. If you go regularly you can soon get talking and widen your social life.

There is a lot out there if you know where to look.

For retired or semi-retired people, men and women, the U3A is very good. It stands for Universe of the Third Age, the last third of your life!! There are over a thousand of these clubs in the UK.

It is a club not a dating agency, although you may well meet someone there. It is reasonably priced, about £18 per year, this varies from club to club but only by a little.

The format is usually business of the day first, where people explain what is on offer, for example a day out to Whitby and the cost and the details.

Then there is usually a speaker for an hour, which could be on any subject from Tudor History to Bird Watching.

There are often about thirty interest groups which are held once a month that you can attend as well. These interest groups can be on anything like a lunch group, rambling group, poetry, tenpin bowling and so on.

Most details are on the web sites. It is a great way to increase your social life.

If you want to look specifically for a partner, then of course there are the dating sites.

You could Google the best ten, however it is better to pay for the site, although you could try the free ones first. But in my experience of doing readings the majority of people find if you pay you tend to get more genuine people.

It would be better if you gave a nick name at first, to prospective dates, and never give your real name and your e-mail as it is possible for them to hack into your bank. I have seen it done.

Of course, when meeting someone for the first time it would be better to take precautions, meet in day light, just perhaps for coffee, if you meet for the whole evening it could be boring and it can be awkward if you want to get away. Also ask a friend or relative to ring you when you first meet. You then have an excuse to leave if you want.

Pubs and nightclubs are ideal for the younger element, and some older!! But the majority of people will not meet a partner this way.

If you Google holidays you will see plenty of holidays for solo people. Also travel brochures advertise solo holidays.

Cruises are also a good way to make new friends.

There are solo cabins, and on board there are solo coffee mornings, where passengers can get to know each other and arrange to meet in groups.

Often they provide a solo afternoon tea for people to chat.

For those you have had bereavement, Cruse is available and the people there will be in the same boat as yourself.

So basically, to start your journey, look at your own interests, then see if there are any interest groups that you can join. If there is not an interest group, maybe you could start one yourself.

Remember doors open doors, you may join a lunch group and meet new friends but then you may also meet a new partner too.

So it will make you feel a lot better increasing your social life and widening your interests even if you don’t meet Mr or Mrs Right immediately.

After all it is only a matter of time before you do.




Blowing hot and cold in a relationship can be sign of many things, but mostly that the person wants the control. They also do not want to get hurt.

It is so upsetting if this happens to you especially if they have been very keen, which they usually have been, as they want to be intimate with you. The important thing is to find out whether he is using you.

Sometimes they pull away because they feel that they cannot and never could make you happy. You could just ignore it for a while and see if things change.

You could ask them straight out why they are behaving this way. If they deny it and say that they don’t know what you are talking about then you know that you are in trouble.

He or she is probably immature emotionally and you will have to either finish it, or put up with the situation, which will probably never improve.

Often, they behave this way because they have been hurt in the past.

Ask yourself do you want to get involved with someone who is so unpredictable and lacking empathy.

They obviously just want the power over you, and you will just never be compatible.

They will also confuse you and make you unhappy.

So, your only choice is to walk away.

A lot of mystery and a lot of misconception are associated with psychic readings.

Many people poo poo psychics, but psychics have existed since the beginning of time in one-way or another.

Whether is it divining by using the stars or an animals entrails, it has always been there.

I think perhaps people who say they don’t believe are maybe scared and just don’t want to know.

However there are many that have benefited and found comfort and also support through trying times in their lives, by having psychic readings.

What is it, a psychic reading?

Well it is a way of looking into the future for the person requesting it.

It is also a way to receive advice and support and counselling if requested.

Psychics are able to connect or tune in with a person, and accurately some psychics amazingly accurately, and give them information about their future.

Psychics usually have many qualifications and they work to our rules.

Looking into romance, family problems, career, and many other aspects of a person’s life; in order to give them hope and a positive future.

Our psychics are frowned upon giving any medical predictions or medical advice to their client.

Psychics who work for our company are vetted and have to have references to prove their qualities in order to work for us.

There are many reasons why a new boyfriend may blow hot and cold.
If the relationship is fairly new, then he might not know what his feelings are.
He may even feel a bit nervous, especially if he has recently come out of a relationship himself.
He may be just messing you about because he does not know what he wants.
Of course, he may be playing the field and have one or two others on the go until he makes his mind up who he wants.
One thing is for sure if he keeps coming back then there is some attraction and he does like you, but what you want to know is to what extent and will it last.
Sometimes he just wants to play it cool and see how you react.
Some just carry on though, seeing others and playing hot and cold all their lives, because at the end of the day they do not really want to commit.
So, it is not your fault, they would be same with anyone else.
Other’s use is as a strategy, playing mind games to make you keener.
It is a way a man has power over you and the relationship.
Some men use it as a way to make you contact them and hope that you do the running.
Sometimes a lot is going on in his life that he has to deal with, so you will have to give him time to work things out, as you will not be his priority.
Some men panic when feelings start to develop between you, and they draw back to see how they feel about the relationship and the future of it.
It can be very frustrating and upsetting when a man behaves like this in a relationship.
I will give you some tips next month on how to deal with someone who behaves like this.


Speak with one of our relationship psychic readers, if you would like to discuss your new relationships.

People have tried to predict the future since the beginning of time, and they have used some very strange things and rituals to do it.


Hieromancy is one of the ancient ways they used, which is divination using entrails of animals or humans using them as a sacrifice. Sometimes the animals were alive, and they studied the entrails as they dropped. This gory practice was also known by other names, and it was popular in Greece and gradually spread throughout the world. In a ritual an animal would be sacrificed and their internal organs with especial attention to the liver which would be inspected carefully. A healthy liver was a good sign for the future but if the liver was not healthy or lacked a lobe then it was believed that doom was imminent. A defect in the animal’s heart was also very bad news, but a healthy heart was very good news.

Extra bloodiness was also not a good sign. There is not much information on how they interpreted the entrails and predicted the future with them, but it was used for many centuries. Bronze life-sized sheep’s livers have been unearthed in the past and they were marked with the names of different gods in each quadrant. So maybe they were used for educational purposes.


Using the blood and bodily fluids however had a category of its own and was called Dririmancy. This practice was usually performed in conjunction with Hieromancy, but it could be used on its own, as it was considered a different practice.

Human sacrifices that were offered would crackle as they burnt, and these crackling sounds would be used to make predictions for the future.

Our Services

Whilst Elizabeth Rose doesn’t offer any human sacrifices, we can provide you with a phone psychic reading and an sms reading. You can learn more about the history of psychic readings here

Everyone knows the one about Friday the thirteen being very dodgy and people worry that something nasty will happen to them.

It is commonly thought that it originates from the fact that Judas Iscariot was the 13th guest at the last supper. Also that Jesus was crucified on a Friday. However there are other believes from where this superstition came from.

Breaking a mirror was thought to bring bad luck for 7 years apparently because it takes seven years to replace the cells in the body.

Some thought that your soul was reflected in a mirror and to break the mirror meant then that your soul was harmed.

Opening an umbrella was considered bad luck apart from the obvious fact that you could knock something over; it was thought to offend the Sun God by blocking the suns rays by opening the umbrella inside.

Some also thought that umbrellas were magical as they blocked the sun.

Others even thought that opening an umbrella inside would bring death and misfortune to the people who lived there.

Knocking on wood for good fortune derived from when they thought that Gods actually lived in trees.

A person would knock lightly on the wood for a favour then knock lightly again to thank them when the favour was granted, but on the same tree.

This superstition might also be derived from the fact that Jesus died on a cross made from wood.

It does seem strange that an innocent pack of playing cards can be traced back hundreds of years.

It does need considerable skill to use the cards to do a reading and it does require that the person having a reading chooses a variety of the cards in order to get a good all round reading too.

There is a ritual that needs to be done before the reading commences.

 Does the client want a general reading or to go into a particular aspect of their life?

If for instance the client wanted a reading on love and romance then a particular spread of the cards would be used.

They can ask several questions from the same spread.

It is important that the client handles the spread and puts their vibrations on them and to also shuffle and cut them thoroughly.

It is also important to have a relaxed atmosphere whilst doing the reading.

You need a warm room rather than a cold room and sometimes burning candles, or a burning joss stick can achieve a lovely atmosphere.

After the reading is completed it is important to thoroughly shuffle the cards and return them to a secluded place of safety, ready for the next reading.

A learner of Cartomancy must first use the literal meaning of the cards to do a reading.

It is an advantage to have a sensitive nature and empathy for people, but not absolutely necessary to be a good reader, however this can develop over time with working with the cards.

However it may take longer to grasp the psychic side, which will kick in and override of the cards eventually.