Elizabeth Rose has been leading the way in providing Clairvoyant readings for many years. A well respected and trusted company, our customers return time and time again to gain insight into their future through a Clairvoyant reading.

The name Clairvoyance comes from the French language – ‘Clair’ meaning clear and ‘voyance’ meaning vision. A Clairvoyant Reading can help many people understand themselves better and give them an insight as to what the future holds.

Having a Psychic Reading with a Clairvoyant

We offer a variety of Clairvoyant readings from some of the best Clairvoyant readers around. Along with Clairvoyance, our readers are often in possession of Psychic skills and Mediumship skills, too. On occasions, tarot cards can be used alongside Clairvoyancy by our readers. It is a personal preference as to which style of reader suits you best. Some readers like to use their spirit guides to connect with their client whilst others may use clairaudience or clairsentience.

Clairvoyant readings over the telephone are generally considered to be the most accurate as the reader cannot see facial expressions or changes in demeanour whilst a reading is taking place. First time users can often feel very nervous about their first clairvoyant reading. All of our readers are highly experienced and are able to put you at ease immediately. It is a good idea to browse our ‘psychics’ page and familiarise yourself with the psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and tarot readers that we have available. Read their testimonials and choose a psychic that you feel drawn to. If you are unsure, and would like help choosing a suitable reader, then our friendly reception staff will be more than happy to help you find a Clairvoyant to suit your needs.

Some Clairvoyants specialise in one area, however, our Psychics are able to give readings on various topics including love, relationships, career or family matters. If you would like a general reading you should let the clairvoyant know at the beginning of your call. Also, if you have a specific question on your mind, do not hesitate to ask this outright to ensure you get to the heart of the matter early on in the reading.

All of our Clairvoyants, Psychics, Mediums and Tarot Readers are put through a rigorous testing regime before being approved to work for Elizabeth Rose. You can be confident that our prices are competitive. We are based in the UK but we also are able to take bookings from overseas callers.

We offer a 5 minute guarantee on all of our credit card readings. After being connected through to your chosen Clairvoyant, if, for any reason, you feel that there is not a connection, you can request a full refund or ask for your minutes to be returned as long as you revert to reception within the first minutes of your call.