Psychics and Religion

Throughout religion, the relationship between life and death is a special one and though they might not always be called psychics or mediums, there are many examples of people in different religions representing spiritualism and the connection into the spirit realm.

It doesn’t matter what religion you are, you can find your own spiritualism and way to connect to your spirits and guides while still practising your beliefs. We’re taking a look at some of the ways psychics and religion can connect.

In Sikhism

Spirit and soul are spoken about as one of the same. Souls that are restless and cannot leave earth can be seen as ghost form. There are passages that talk about restless spirits by Gura Granth Sahib Ji. Sikhism is a very spiritual religion and it is said that if you develop your own spiritual practice, you are likely to be able to contact the dimension of the souls.

In Judaism

There is a strong history of the Jewish faith and psychics, particularly in New York in the early 1900s. Rather than readings, many psychics take on the form of counselling as there is a strong sense of helping each other and belonging to a community. There are also certain rituals surrounding death which relate to a community and religion in mourning, so this also contributes to Jewish mediums who strongly emphasise coming together to mourn the dead.


Believe in both philosophy and astrology. It is their belief that astrological predictions help build a relationship with God and so psychic readings will often take this route.

In Islam

It is spoken that God created the Jinn before he created mankind. Every human has a Jinn and is part of life’s test as the Jinn will try and divert man from righteousness. Mediums, in relation to the Islamic faith, have to be wary of using the word of the Jinn in readings so as to not divert them from righteousness.


Often talks about the Holy Spirit and in psychic readings it can be seen as the messenger that comes through a medium’s physical body to communicate. Many mediums believe that it is God who has blessed them with the psychic gift and they may see themselves as someone who is there to relay God’s message. There is the belief that the spiritual self is connected to God’s intention and his energy, and so a medium will help others connect with their own spiritual self. Psychics will often stress that they cannot choose what information they receive all the time, it is up to the Spirit.

The deep link between spiritualism and religion is apparent and the connection between life and death is important across all beliefs. Though religions look at these in different ways, they are similar in their respect of the message that may come through from souls, spirits, psychics, Gods or other beings.