Pisces – 20th May to 26th May – Elizabeth Rose
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Your weekly horoscopes.

Feb 19th – March 20th
This week is about partners, family and friends, Pisces. There is so much love around you and you enjoy lots of leisure time. However, this doesn’t alleviate the ache in your heart for someone special to share it all with and it won’t be long before a special someone enters your life for the very first time.

Jan 20th – Feb 18th
Avoid making an important decision about your finances too quickly, Aquarius. Don’t commit to anything on the spot, go away and research not only the price but the company, too. A certain someone can’t stop thinking about you and has many regrets. It may be time to allow them to speak freely and find it in your heart to accept their genuine apology.

Dec 22nd – Jan 19th
Travel and a change of scenery is what you need, Capricorn. A change to your daily routine will do you the world of good. Financial matters relating to a property will remain unresolved this week, but don’t give up hope as it will come to a conclusion very soon. Be open to a conversation with an ex as it will bring clarity and closure.

Nov 22nd – Dec 21st
A shared property is looking likely, Sagittarius. Whether buying or renting it is likely you will do this journey will a trusted friend or partner – how exciting! Look at your tax position and think carefully about the future – look into ways to maximise growth of savings and/or pensions.

Oct 23rd – Nov 21st
Your wish to travel will only materialise if you do something about it, Scorpio. With a little research you will find that you can achieve much of what you want to do without too much outlay. Comparison sites will be a good place to start. Welcome a distant family member back into the fold with open arms – it’s time to drop a long held grudge and you will feel so relieved when you do.

Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd
You may be worried about a property matter but it will be resolved by the end of the week. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, in fact, many prospective employers will be bowled over by your enthusiasm to get ahead. Be confident with a new love interest, they are a little reserved and need you to take the lead for the time being.

Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd
Life is lacking adventure right now and it is time you dared to try something different. Drag a friend along for the ride and have some fun trying out new activities. Book yourself in for a pamper session at the salon and then hit the town. A new love interest is plucking up the courage to approach you – make it easy when they do!

July 23rd – Aug 22nd
You need to make an important decision about your future, Leo. Don’t put it off any longer. It’s hard to leave people behind but you must put your own needs first this time. A chance to let your hair down at the weekend will bring about a meeting of minds like you’ve never experienced before. How exciting!

June 21st – July 22nd
Being the odd one out is sometimes a good thing, Cancer. Follow your dreams and stand out from the crowd if you have to. It will serve you well and you will achieve a greater sense of inner peace and well being. A colleague is out of their depth and it would be kind to offer emotional support. Covering for their mistakes is not going to help them in the long run so please think of yourself on this occasion.

May 21st - June 20th
Don’t volunteer for extra work, Gemini. It won’t be appreciated and you won’t be rewarded. In fact, it would be a good idea to look at moving to another department or company where you will be encouraged and appreciated. Keep a low profile on social media whilst a misunderstanding between friends is sorted out.