April 20th – May 20th

Your weekly horoscope from Monday 24th January – Sunday 30th January.

One member of your family will take you out for a lovely but expensive meal, which you will appreciate. You will feel a bit restless at home and look to change it in some way as well as looking at changing a vehicle. The finances will look up after changing a job. You will think about doing a course or a new hobby or some kind of educational thing to educate or stretch your mind in some way.

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What does being a Taurean mean?

Taurus is the second astrological sign of the Zodiac and runs from April 20th to May 20th. It is typically represented by the Bull sign.

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Taurus Strengths:

Loyal, patience, persistent and dependable

Taurus Weaknesses:

Lazy, self-indulgent, stubborn and materialistic

Taurus traits:

Taurean’s are very perseverant and do not give up easily, even after others have fallen by the wayside. They are extremely stubborn and this isn’t always a bad thing to be. Being very down to earth, they often do not materialistic things in high regard and are not flashy or over the top. Taurean’s are most happy when they feel secure, whether this be in a relationship or in a work setting. Unfortunately, they are an incredibly lazy sign and you should bear this in mind if you like an ‘active’ partner.

How to attract a Taurus woman:

The Taurean woman knows how to seduce and you should let her get her way in this regard. You need to be able to offer her stability and security and in return she will be an affectionate partner. She likes to be treated in quite an old fashioned way, for example wining and dining. Once you have her she will be devoted and loyal. Beware of crossing her though as her stubbornness and temper can be quite challenging!

How to attract a Taurus man:

If you want to be swept off of your feet then the Taurean man is now for you.  He is very sensible, practical and down to earth and yearns for a woman of quality. One that will make him feel comfortable and loved. Once he has decided on a partner he will cherish her and put her high on a pedestal. If you can make a Taurean male laugh he will want to spend time with you and once you have him he will be loyal and faithful.

Career Aspirations for Taurus

These people tend to be steady, patient and like to see a project to the end, they have sticking power and are very suitable for jobs in farming, finance, and politicians. Often chefs are born under the sign of Taurus, they are well known for liking food and love luxury. They can be very stubborn and they will dig their heels in at inappropriate moments. Artists are often born under the sign of Taurus but they make good leaders to.