Soul Plans and Soul Progression – Elizabeth Rose
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Soul Plans and Soul Progression

Right from the first day of soul creation our souls have plans laid out to aid and assist in our soul progression.
Before we each reincarnate to earth to our earthly bodies, we hold a meeting with our spirit guides, angels and other souls that will be with us on our earthly journey.
Each and every one of us is blessed with the gift of free will.
Free will means we have the right to choose.
However, there are certain things included with our soul plans that free will cannot change.
This could be a certain lesson we must learn or it could involve certain people who are meant to be in our life no matter how we or they resist.
These people can be in our lives for various reasons, to teach one another about love and trust, or to teach about something else.
Free will gives us the right to choose how we learn the lessons and how we reach our destination in learning, not who or what we learn.
Spirit will give you an ample amount of time to get there alone. If, by a certain point in time, you have not reached the correct point, spirit will intervene and help you.
These lessons are essential for your own growth and soul progression.
At some point in life you may experience a feeling of deja vu, where you feel like you may have experienced something before at the exact same time and place. It is only for a second when it happens. These small triggers are from your time in the spirit world where you will have had chance to view your lessons and experience them. I call them nudges whereby you are being nudged to show that you are on the correct path! Louise – PIN 7492