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Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels & Spirit guides – What is the difference?
As a medium and healer, I often refer to spirit guides and angels for guidance during a reading.  This not only helps me to help you but also helps people learn more about their guides and angels.
Angels are beautiful beings made up of mainly love and light and come from the spirit world.
There are nine varieties of angels that we know of.
We have the seraphim, the cherubs, the thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels and angels.
Each and every one of us is born with at least two guardian angels to stay with us and protect us through our earthly life to guide us – whenever we need them.
Most of the time they are not allowed to help unless you ask for them.
You do not need to know their names to do this.
Spirit guides.
These guides are lovely. These are spirits that have lived an earthly life before and will help you through the trying times of your life.
We are born with two guides assigned to us that stay with us throughout life.
However, we can have more as we travel through life.
For example if you are going through a challenging time, and you need to learn about courage, then a guide that has that experience will come and teach and guide you.
Family member’s that have crossed over can also be your guide, they never stop helping you even from the spirit world.  They still tell you off and keep an eye on you but always with love as their main goal. – Louise PIN 7492