Saturn Rules Capricorn – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Saturn rules Capricorn

According to Roman Mythology Saturn was the father of Jupiter, who was king of the gods.

Those who have Saturn in Capricorn have a great love of power and have the tendency to dominate others.

They must learn to control it and learn about humility and use it in a good way to help others rather than to dominate.

You can actually see Saturn with the naked eye.

It is said that Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun.

It is best known for its fabulous ring system.

Saturn is the flattest planet.

Its upper atmosphere is divided into bands of clouds.

It is a gas giant and consists of hydrogen helium and methane amongst other gases.

The top layers are mostly ammonia ice.

It has oval shaped storms.

Saturn orbits the sun once every 29.4 Earth years.

It is 95 times more massive than Earth.

It is the second largest planet in the solar system.

It was first recorded in the 8th century BC.

It has a hurricane like storm over the South Pole.

Focus on Sagittarius incorporating Jupiter

Jupiter is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

It is one of the brightest objects in the sky and can be seen with the naked eye.

The Romans named it after one of their gods.

It is said to bring feelings of positiveness and optimism if in your sign.

It is the fifth planet from the sun and is absolutely huge – it is, in fact, the largest planet in the Solar System.

Jupiter has the shortest day of all the planets – it orbits the sun only every 11.8 earth years.

It has unique cloud features.

It has a radius of 69.911 km.

It is 778.5 million km from the sun.

It is a very windy planet.

It is known for the giant red spot, which is a spinning storm like a hurricane and is three and a half times the diameter of Earth.

The planet has a small rocky core – the mass ten times less than the Earth’s.

It is surrounded by dense liquid hydrogen that is ninety per cent of its diameter.

One year on Jupiter is twelve years on Earth.

It spins at 28,273 miles per hour, which is almost 28 times the speed of the Earth.

Jupiter has four sets of rings.

Sixty-seven moons surround Jupiter

Nine missions have visited Jupiter over the years.

Focus on Scorpio incorporating Mars and Pluto – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430


Ruling Planet Mars and Pluto

Scorpio is apparently ruled by to planets Mars and Pluto.

Pluto was names after the Greek God and is one third water.

Mars also rules Aries.

Mars is a fiery planet and when is strong in your sign can be an indication of a fiery temper but can also indicate courage as well.

Pluto ruled Scorpio and was considered a planet but around 1930 it was found to be a dwarf planet and in 2006 was graded as a dwarf planet and Mars was then considered to rule Scorpio hence the reason some Astrologers feel Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Pluto is the second largest dwarf planet and is the second closest dwarf planet to the Sun.

In the past it was considered the ninth planet of the solar system.

Mars is known as the red planet this colour is caused by the iron oxide on the surface of the planet in its soil.

It is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury.

The Romans named the planet after their god of war.

It has a thin atmosphere and is mostly composed of carbon dioxide.

The planet is one-sixth the size of Earth and estimated to be over 142 million miles from the sun.

It takes 24 hours, 37 mins and 22 seconds to rotate once on its axis hence this is a Mars day.

Mars does take twice the time the Earth takes to complete a full revolution around the sun.

It has its own weather pattern having seasonal changes and has polar ice caps.

On Mars the temperature is on average minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter near the poles it can go down to minus 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Earth has 21 per cent of oxygen Mars only has 0.13 per cent. It has 95.3 per cent of the gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

There is also nitrogen and argon and small amounts of water and methane.

Mars has the tallest mountain in the solar system called Olympus Mons. It s more than 21 km high and is about three times taller than Mount Everest and is more than 600 km in diameter.

Because of less gravity you would weigh less than twice your weight on Mars.

As the oxygen is so thin you would not be able to breath on Mars without a spacesuit and an oxygen cylinder.

The month of March is derived from the name Mars.

The first aircraft to reach Mars took 228 days to get there.

Mars can be spotted by the naked eye if conditions are right due to its reddish colour.