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People who control their partners are not always aggressive or violent.

One of the first signs of a controlling person in a relationship is that the partner tries to isolate their partner from family and friends.

In can start in quite a small way by them complaining how often or how long you talk to your relatives or friends, or how often you visit them or go out with them.

They will try and turn you against your family or one particular person if you are close to them.

The object is to get you in a position so that you don’t have any one to back you up or turn to and that you rely on them only.

They will try and get you to be totally dependent on them emotionally.

You will lose confidence in yourself if you stay with them and you will even think that it is your fault that there is a problem and that is one of their aims.

They will criticize you in a small way at first; it might be, if you lost some weight and wore such and such, I would fancy you a lot more, that kind of thing.

It happens to people across the board from highly educated to no education, we are all a target for the controller.

It does not matter how intelligent you are or how much money you have the controller can relentlessly target you, till he or she gets what they want.

What they want is total control of you.

I once new a lady who if she met a friend for coffee for instance, he would send relentless texts to her till she came home, and in the end she gave up going out! That’s how bad it can get.

They spy on you what ever you are doing.

They want a minute-by-minute account of what you were doing if you just went out for a loaf of bread, and God help you if you took longer than they thought you should off.

They go through your phone, as they don’t trust you.

They make you feel guilty and nervous.

At worse they can be threatening and abusive and violent.

So if you see any of these signs in a new relationship, run for the hills. If you are already in a controlling relationship, seek help there is plenty out there.

To celebrate the launch of Sophie’s new underwear brand which incorporates natural healing crystals, we are running a promotional offer as a collaboration. The offer includes 10% off the first 10 orders with the discount code ‘ERMOON11’. The discount code can be used at checkout on the website – 

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MOON 11 is a limited-edition bodywear brand, which focuses on combining meaningful jewellery such as healing crystals with underwear, to create detailed, crafted and one of a kind bodywear. Our pieces can be worn as underwear or as outerwear and within layering.

Our mission is to empower the wearer through comfortable, unique, and flattering bodywear. Meaningful and high quality details, adjustable fits, and soft, breathable fabrics. We work in limited and exclusive ‘Chapters’, so every item is extra special. This means our designs are made ethically in limited quantities.

All our pieces are designed, developed, and handcrafted in the UK, using raw materials that are ethically sourced, including the healing crystals. Our components are sourced locally where possible, and all our packaging is made from recycled materials or is biodegradable.

In Chapter 1, we use natural healing crystals, to empower the wearer through the power of crystal healing. We believe that by having the crystals close to your skin, will enhance the maximum benefits from the energy they emit. This is because they are direct to the skin for a long period of time.

Having studied lingerie and swimwear design at London College of Fashion, I have always had a passion for contoured garments and bodywear. Alongside my passion for lingerie, I am inspired through spirituality, my mum and grandma have owned a spiritual healing and psychic company for over 20 years. I also get my inspiration from space (it’s in my name!), film, meaningful jewellery and the female form.

I wanted to create something magical and another ‘world’ for you to get lost in, like a story. I hope you enjoy the story and welcome to the universe of MOON 11.

Love always,

Sophie Moon – Founder, Designer & Creator

Instagram – @moon11underwear

The Tower of London has been around for 900 years and is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom. It was built by William the Conqueror in 1078.

Anne Boleyn one of Henry VIII wives who was beheaded has been seen looking through the window of the room where she was imprisoned. She has also been seen walking around the rooms with her severed headed under her arm after the place has closed. She has also been seen at the site where she was executed.

Thomas A Becket was one of the first Ghosts to appear in the Tower of London. He was Archbishop of Canterbury in 1162 till his murder in 1170.

Perhaps the not so famous ghost is Arbella Stuart who was a potential successor of Elizabeth I. Her ghost has been seen haunting the Queens House, which is situated on Tower Green. She was seen as a threat to the crown, and it is believed that she was murdered in the Tower of London at the age of 39 years of age.

The ghosts Edward V and his brother Richard were often seen holding each other in fear. They were often seen playing then they suddenly disappeared. It was thought that they were murdered by Richard III, but it was never proved.

In 1674 a box was dug from under some stairs up by workmen containing some small bones. These were thought to be the princes and King Charles II had them buried at Westminster Abbey where they remain today. In fact, the present Queen has refused access to do DNA we don’t know why.

The large white tower is said to have a ghost of a white lady. There are many stories that people have told about hauntings and strange feelings that have occurred at the Tower of London. It is a place steeped in history, so it won’t be surprising if these stories carry on.