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Lara is psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient and does not use any tools. She tunes in to your voice and works with energy using her psychic abilities along with her three spirit guides. She is very positive and compassionate and will leave you feeling empowered and enabling you to move forward in your life. She reads with integrity and truth. As a young child she was highly intuitive, sometimes not understanding her acute perceptive nature and the psychic gifts she has been given. She felt and saw spirit and was convinced that everyone did. Her dreams and premonitions would come true. She can describe your loved ones and how they think and feel. The information she receives for you is personal, specific and powerful.This insight will help resolve your concerns. Hours of work Mon and Wed 9am-12pm and 7pm-9pm.Fri 10am-1pm. Available some weekends

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