Most of us have experienced the odd sensation of being stared at, and then turned round to find someone gazing at us. Science has always dismissed the idea of a ‘sixth sense’ as a superstition.

Psychologists at the University of Freiburg in Germany now believe they have finally proved the reality of the sixth sense. They have performed more than a thousand experiments, which involved two people in different rooms, one of whom could observe the other over a CCTV monitor. Electrodes were attached to the skin of the volunteer who was being watched. And again and again a meter registered ‘prickling’ in the skin as he was being stared at.
In other experiments, they were stared at by another person to try to make the other feel either uncomfortable or relaxed. Again, the electronic monitor proved repeatedly that it could be done.
I am sure that we are all impressed that science has confirmed something that most of us have known for years.
Human beings have taken thousands of years to get rid of their ability to communicate telepathically because such powers would actually decrease our chances of survival in a modern city. Telepathy operates best in a deeply relaxed state, and such a state would increase our chances of having a road accident for instance.
Our Stone Age ancestors knew the importance of having a sixth sense that told them about the approach of enemies or wild animals.
They had someone who did this for them for the benefit of the tribe called a Shaman, or Medicine man. His job was to protect the tribe by using his powers to warn them of danger. These strange powers still do exist today.
The lesson is that our bodies are repositories of the knowledge man has acquired over millions of years. It is certainly important to prove in a laboratory that we possess ‘paranormal’ powers, but perhaps even more important to learn how easy it is to make use of them.
Some of our readers have this natural deep psychic quality that they have possessed since they were children and I know that you will not be disappointed with a reading from one of them.