Relationship Tarot Spread

Tarot love readings

Love is perhaps the greatest human mystery and affairs of the heart rarely run completely smoothly. Often we need advice and a new perspective on our relationships to help us make positive decisions and find a way forward. Advice from trusted friends can be helpful, but sometimes we need a different kind of insight.

A love tarot reading, sometimes known as a love tarot spread or relationship tarot spread, can often provide just such an insight.

What is love tarot?

Love tarot readings use tarot cards to find out more, answer questions and find perspective on love, romance and affairs of the heart. A skilled tarot reader can either use a special deck designed for love tarot reading or can use a regular deck of tarot cards and ask specific questions about relationships.

The cards are shuffled and then dealt into different spreads. For a love tarot reading you may use the 10 card relationship tarot spread. You can then ask the cards a specific question and a skilled reader will use their psychic abilities to interpret the answer.

Which tarot cards symbolise love?

There are a number of cards that have particular meaning during a love tarot reading:

The Lovers

Symbolising deep spiritual attachment and partnership, this card signals that your relationship is authentic and meaningful.

Two of cups

This card recognises mutual commitment and the strong bonds that form in long term relationships.

Ten of cups

Often suggestive of a happy family life, this card reflects the presence of deep family values.

Four of wands

A card of celebration and a safe, secure home environment. Perhaps a wedding or engagement is in the offing?

Ten of pentacles

Reflective of a long term relationship, this card speaks of strong bonds of trust built up over time.

Ace of cups

This card can signal the start of a new, exciting relationship that’s filled with potential. This is the type of joy and bliss you felt as a teenager when you first fell in love.

Knight of cups

The knight in shining armour can appear when you’re being romanced by someone particularly special. This card could suggest that someone who is interested in you really could be the one.

The empress

The beautiful, abundant and expressive empress is suggestive of a deep, sensual connection within a relationship.

The emperor

The emperor is a strong, sturdy male figure whose presence during a reading might suggest a long-term relationship built on solid foundations.

The hierophant

This card suggests a relationship built on strong, old-fashioned values where commitment and dependability are key.

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