Jupiter – Sagittarius ruling planet

What is astrology all about? What are the general belief structures and ideas?

You have undoubtedly seen astrology horoscopes appearing in various newspapers or magazines over the years. These sort of publications are where most people usually become aware of astrology as a concept, although these features tend to be quite limited in scope and detail in comparison to our more detail-driven astrological analyses.

All in all, there are a few different systems of thought across the broader astrology communities across of the world. However, fundamentally speaking, astrology is concerned with the movements and positions of the planets and stars and how they can help us understand the self and what our individual purpose in the universe really is. It’s a practice of self-reflection and spritiual guidance, mediated by the universe itself.

Are you looking into a new perspective on your personal feelings and beliefs? The study of astrology is the answer, as it seeks to expand your understanding of everything; and not just in a merely grand scale that affects all peoples – but in such a way that can improve and revitalise your daily life in ways you were never aware of.

What is the significance of Jupiter and how is it related to Sagittarius?

The planet of Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Together, both Jupiter and Sagittarius inspire us to seek out new adventures and opportunities, as well as ways to grow ourselves for the better, both mentally and spiritually. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, our enthusiasm for learning is heightened and our appetite for new discovery is all encompassing. Capitalising on this reality and recognising when those feelings arise is key to a life of consistent of well-being.

What are Sagittarius people believed to be like?

By nature, Sagittarians are lucky and fortunate types. Because of this, they tend towards feelings of joy and optimism, relying on their innate good luck to see them through the many stages of life. They are clever, curious, independent, and deeply interested by changes in everyday norms – in other words, they are self-reliant and poised to take life by the proverbial horns. Sagittarians burst with creative energy and a longing to lead a positive and focused life that is clear and determined.

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