Nov 22nd – Dec 21st

Your weekly horoscope from Monday 25th October – Sunday 31st October.

You will look forward to a well-earned rest this weekend with maybe a takeaway and a bottle of wine or whatever you fancy in the eats department. You will decide to refuse all requests that means doing anything that you do not want to do, in other words a me weekend. Good for you and stick to your guns, you will be appreciated more in the future. The finances will tick over nicely.

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What does being an Sagittarian mean?

Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign on the Zodiac and it runs from November 22nd to December 21st. It is represented by the sign of the Archer and is a Fire sign.

Ruling Planet


Sagittarian Characteristics:

Sagittarian’s are full of energy and curiosity and love to travel. They are naturally extroverted and optimistic and they embrace change. Sagittarian’s like to set themselves goals and they will do almost anything to achieve them – they want to experience as much as possible in life. Possessing a great sense of humour, they can be a great companion. Freedom is their greatest pleasure in life and long to travel freely. They are extremely honest and this can come across as being tactless and this sometimes makes them socially unacceptable – They can learn ways to express themselves but this may take many years.

Sagittarian Strengths:

Generous, full of life and humorous.

Sagittarian Weaknesses:

Impatient, idealistic and doesn’t think before speaking.

Sagittarian Likes:

Travel, outdoors and freedom.

Sagittarian Dislikes:

Being constrained, attention to detail and emotionally demanding people.

How to attract a Sagittarian man:

He is a fun-loving character with a passion for traveling and adventure. He likes to be able to experience all possibilities in life before making a commitment. You need to be able to keep his attention and if you share in his quests for adventure he will notice you. Unfortunately, he can be careless and impatient and this may make you feel that he doesn’t care. Sagittarian men do not like women to be clingy so if you want to seduce him you will need to learn the art of when to let go.

How to attract a Sagittarian woman:

Sagittarian women are independent, wild, fun and friendly. They are determined to make the most out of life and live it to the fullest potential. She is very honest and will always speak her mind and you may find her challenging. To seduce her, you should encourage her quest for adventure and ensure she is never bored. She does not fall in love quickly, but when she does, she will be a caring and loyal partner. If she expects you to be difficult she will simply walk away.

Compatible signs with Sagittarius are:

Aquarius, Libra, Leo and Aries.

Career Aspirations for Sagittarius

Sagittarian’s have a great flair on the creative side of their life and they have great imagination. They are well suited to careers in Hospitals, Travel and Teaching. They also are suited to design based jobs such as architecture for example. They want to be successful and have the ability to attain wealth, and they choose careers were they can earn good money and they tend to use their money well, once they have accumulated it, and they can invest it wisely.