October 2015 – Elizabeth Rose
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For a while now lots of my callers have been asking me how to meditate and what are the best ways to meditate for different things and reasons.
The reasons for meditation are various – some people like to meditate for relaxation and to just calm their mind. When I am meditating for this reason, I start off slowly.
1)  Sit or lay down in a way to what feels the most comfortable to you.
2)  Put on some relaxing music if you wish. I find this always helps me to relax more.
3)  Close your eyes and feel yourself surrounded by the most beautiful golden light and drift off to a place of pure tranquility. The place where I like to go is a beach, I notice everything I feel the sand squishing between my toes and the warm sun on my skin. I smell the sea and see the sea lapping up on the shore. But remember, this is your place so it can be anywhere you feel the most happy.
4)  As you relax in your own place, feel all the worries and stress just drift away in to the sea breeze and feel a feeling of calm knowing that everything will be okay. You will feel more alive and revitalised.
You can do this for as long as you like – remember there is no right or wrong way to do this.
Meditation for cosmic ordering or manifestation.
This one is something that I get asked for a lot. Sometimes it just seems with all the best will in the world you cannot shake the feeling like you are being short changed by the universe, but believe it or not the universe is very neutral.
Positive does attract Positive and vice versa with Negative.
Cosmic ordering is simple and there are many different techniques out there. Here is a clear and simple one to help you get started.
1)  As with the first meditation, relax, sit down or lay down, which ever you feel most comfortable doing but make sure you do not feel tired or you could fall asleep!
2)  As you relax and drift off, feel yourself surrounded by that same golden light and notice that you become the light. You are the light and the light is you.
3)  As you are in the light notice how everything and everyone are connected by this light just like the branches of a tree and the tree is the universe. You are connected to everything and everyone.
4)  Once you can feel and see the universe on that level, see your orders for the universe being carried to core and being dissolved in to the light.
5)  Once you know that this has happened and you have felt and seen your orders being taken to the core then see and feel them coming true. Actually feel what it would feel like and smell what it would smell like.
6)  Every night or day go through what you have ordered again and feel like it has already happened.
Next time I will be discussing cord cutting. – Louise
5 False Myths about Psychic Readers
Most psychic readers use more than intuition to provide you with psychic guidance. They use various divination tools such as the Tarot, crystal ball, numerology and astrology to give you specific personal details.
Some psychics speak with spirit guides while others connect with your deceased loved ones. So, while the means are different, the results are similar: they help you see your path ahead better.
Here are 5 myths about psychic readers you should know before you get your next reading.
Myth #1 Psychics are mind readers
Psychics are “energy readers”. More than anything else: a good psychic reader will sense how you are feeling and what’s happening in your energy field. She’ll pick up on why you feel what you feel, and the struggle you may be having in making a decision.
She can sense which choice provides a clearer, righter path for you. But she won’t know when your birthday is or what your favorite song is.
A good psychic won’t even bother to try to read your mind because the real, deeper information is stored only in your heart and in your soul-field. If a psychic needs certain “mental” information from you, she’ll just ask.
For example, an astrologer may ask you your exact date, time and place of birth. Or, a psychic-medium may ask you the name of your deceased loved one you want to connect to. This information is the means to get a good reading – not the ends.
Myth #2 Psychics know everything 24/7
Well, psychics are people, and people get tired and they can make mistakes. There’s a reason why your favorite online psychic is sometimes offline!
Psychic practice can be demanding work and many psychics need a lot of me-time to recharge their batteries. They can’t be “On” 24/7.
Psychics can’t know everything, simply because that’s against human nature. Just like you, each psychic is on a journey – there’s always more to explore, learn. There’s always more room to grow.
Even when they get help from spirit guides, they only get the information that’s relevant in that moment. Psychics are like water channels: they connect two separate bodies – you and information you don’t know about.
Myth #3 Psychics should be 100% correct
If the information is coming from a supernatural entity or from a mystery school such as the Tarot, then it must be true, right?
No, because this “information” is only a peek into your life. It’s not the whole picture. It’s only what you need to hear in that particular moment so you can make your next choice consciously. Sometimes you need to hear a certain truth so you could grow while trying to prevent it from happening.
Your future is not set in stone – you have many possibilities ahead of you. There’s a reason why it’s called “psychic advice” and not “psychic enforcement!”
Psychics can’t walk your path for you, nor will they pressure you to walk a certain path. Even if you consult several psychics, you remain the owner of your choices and your life. What you do with the psychic information you receive changes your future.
Myth #4 Intuition equals psychic abilities
You don’t become a chef if all you can make is pasta. Intuition is just a small part of being a professional psychic. It is an important part, but it’s a small part.
Many psychics undergo years of training in different mystery schools. They become proficient in diverse techniques such as crystal ball, cartomancy, spiritual channeling etc. They also learn to meditate, clear their field, and ground their energy before giving a reading.
Being a professional psychic is real work – it’s a career. Psychics spend many years to expand their skills, become better and better, and build a happy client base. They specialize in love & relationships, career, health or other life matters. Merely having intuition isn’t enough to become an established psychic.
Myth #5 All psychics are mediums
There’s a big difference between psychics and psychic-mediums. Psychics can see the past, present and future. They travel in the dimension of time, here in the physical world.
Psychic mediums, on the other hand, cross the bounds of our world and connect with the spirit world. They travel through space. The two require completely different skill sets.
Before you choose your psychic, make sure you know what you are looking for. Not all psychics are proficient in all psychic abilities. Check their profile and see if they can deliver exactly what you need.
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