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If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, your motivations and what life may have in store for you, then numerology could be the answer. It can give you insights into concealed aspects of life and inform your decision making. People consult numerologists for all kinds of different reasons. They may be interested in exploring name numerology compatibility or be wondering if baby name numerology could help them give their child the best start in life. People who are launching a new enterprise might want advice on business name numerology.

There are countless reasons why someone might want a numerology reading but what exactly is numerology and how does it relate to the wider psychic spectrum?

What is numerology?

Numerology is an ancient technique that developed in different ways across the world thousands of years ago. It was practiced in Babylon and ancient Egypt. Ancient China and Greece also developed their own numerology traditions. Although there are different approaches to numerology, the essential principle is the same across all of them. Numerology suggests that numbers form a universal language that impacts on the lives of everyone on the planet. Your personality and life events are all affected by your birth date, birth name and other factors.

How does it work?

Contemporary numerologists will often talk about your Life Path Number. This is similar to your astrological star sign and it will form the basis of numerological insights into your life. Your Life Path Number is found by making calculations based on your birth date. Once you know what your Life Path Number is this will then give you a range of insights and suggestions about your career, relationships and others life choices. Although you can easily find this number yourself, for an accurate assessment you need to work with a professional numerologist.

Your Life Path Number is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also your Expression Number, your Soul Urge Number, your Personality Number as well as your Birthday number. The way in which these different numbers are calculated is different. When you have a range of different numbers, how they interact with each other will then impact on your reading.

Numerology takes real skill, knowledge and experience if it’s to be done accurately.

How does numerology fit into the wider psychic spectrum?

Numerology is another tool that psychics can use to help people understand more about themselves, make a difficult decision and find personal fulfilment. It can be used either as a standalone approach, or as part of a wider consultation that might include a psychic reading. It can sometimes provide answers or a fresh perspective where other approaches have been less useful.

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The sensitive, skilled and professional psychics at Elizabeth Rose can provide you with numerological insight into your life. Whatever your reasons for consulting a psychic, they can carefully draw on your numerological charts to help you make sense of a wide range of life issues, challenges and opportunities.

With over two decades of experience, Elizabeth Rose is home to the UK’s most trusted telephone psychics.

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