Feb 19th – March 20th

Your weekly horoscope from Monday 24th January – Sunday 30th January.

Someone close will drop off a really good book for you, but it will be a while before you can relax and enjoy it, as there will be so much to sort out. Someone close will do really well in some exams and are set to be successful in the future. You will think about going to see someone who lives in a different country. The finances will tick over but keep a careful eye on it. A partner will be quite romantic this weekend.

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What does being a Piscean mean?

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign on the Zodiac and it runs from February 19 to March 20. It is represented by the sign of the Fish and is a Water sign.

Pisces Characteristics:

Pisceans are very friendly and love to surround themselves with different types of people. They are very generous and selfless and love to help others and do not expect anything in return. Pisceans are faithful and caring and are very intuitive. More often than not they will possess and artistic talent.

Pisces Strengths:

Gentle, compassionate, artistic and intuitive.

Pisces Weaknesses:

Over trustful, sad, fearful and a desire to escape reality.

Pisces Likes:

Sleeping, solace, music and visual stimulation.

Pisces Dislikes:

Know- it-All’s, criticism and cruelty.

How to attract a Pisces man:

Pisces men are ruled by romance. The best way to seduce him is to open up to him completely. He is a gentle soul who wishes to please and if you show him what you want he will do his very best to serve. You may find him calm on the outside but inside he will be battling strong emotions. If you can encourage him to open up and release his feelings he will form a strong connection to you. When you manage to secure your Piscean man you will be rewarded with a fulfilling emotional relationship.

How to attract a Pisces woman:

Piscean women are renowned for being kind, selfless and compassionate. If you have your sights set on her then you need to tap into your romantic side and having a good sense of humour is a must. Once you have captured her heart you will find she is full of unconditional love and will open her heart to you. You will need to be a good listener as well as being able to hold your own in conversations as she loves a good debate. She is very sensitive by nature and is not quick to forgive or forget so try not to go on the wrong side of her.

Compatible signs with Pisces are:

Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer and Taurus.

Career Aspirations for Pisces:

The Pisces people would make excellent Photographers and would work well with anything connected with films. They also would work well as Counsellor’s. They will acquire wealth by investing in property and investing their money generally, having the ability to no- where to invest wisely. Psychology is an excellent career for those born under Pisces as they have the ability to empathise with others. Being a Social Worker is also a good choice for their abilities.