June 21st – July 22nd

Your weekly horoscope from Monday 29th November – Sunday 5th December.

White goods will need attention this weekend and as usual just happen at a most inconvenient time. A friend that you have not seen for a while will contact you and suggest a catch up. You will decide to have a completely new outfit for an event that you will attend soon, and set about looking for just the right thing. A partner will be quite romantic this weekend and it will put you in a really good mood and make you realize how lucky you are.

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What does being a Cancerians mean?

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the crab. Cancer runs from June 21st to July 22nd.

Cancer characteristics:

Cancerians are often filled with contradictions and can be unpredictable. They often have a forceful personality but hide behind their shell when they want to! Cancerians are very nurturing and have the most caring nature of all the astrological signs and this makes her the perfect mother. However, they are very possessive, not only of their possessions but also of their friends. Once you make friends with a Cancerian they will be a friend for life. Cancerians are emotional but once you have gained their trust you will see a stronger and determined side shine through.


Loyal, caring and dependable.


Emotional, possessive and self-centred.

How to attract a Cancer man:

Let’s get this straight, the Cancer man is unlikely to make the first move! Don’t wait around for him to do so as you will be disappointed. Cancerian men are very tactile and like to be touched – if you are talking to him, you should touch his arm or his shoulder and he will immediately warm to you. He will be very house-proud and if you tell him how much you love a tidy home his eyes will light up and see you as a potential partner.

How to attract a Cancer woman:

If you act a little helpless then the Cancer woman will be right by your side offering her services. If you show that you are vulnerable she will be powerless to resist the urge to look after you! Family is very important so show her that you are interested by asking lots of questions about hers. If you want a Cancer woman to fall in love with you then you need to be prepared to show her that you love children and domesticity. If you don’t want these things then she isn’t the right woman for you.

Career Aspirations for Cancer:

They tend to be caring and intelligent people, and suit careers in many areas, such as anything working with children, or being nannies or therapists and nurses for instance, as they will like working with people especially face to face. Cancerian’s are usually emotionally quite deep people they tend to hide their feelings. However they would work well in the leisure and hotel business, they don’t like to be alone or work alone for long, so working with people around them will work well for them.