Energy Healing

Ray uses his knowledge of nine star Ki to gain a rapid personality profile of anybody, just by having their date of birth and sex. From this, he will gain access to their personal energy matrix or “energetic fingerprint”.This fingerprint along with the astrological profile will allow Ray to use his knowledge, insight and intuition to help you to develop body, mind and spirit. He will be locked into your energy matrix during the process and will use this to give healing and recommendations for your self development, healing and growth. Every session will include:-

  • Basic astrological profile using the Oriental “Nine Star Ki” system

  • Distant healing

  • Meditation techniques that are specifically designed for you

  • Exercises that will help you to unify your body, mind and spirit

There are many ways that Ray works using Taoist five elements, chakras, meridians, connection to nature and more. Ray will use experience and knowledge to get you into a way of working that will be efficient, fast and profound if you follow the recommendations. You can have specific goals such as, “how can I make myself more able to be a success in my business?”, or more general goals such as “I don’t feel very happy, can you help?”. Or you may have no goal whatsoever and just wish to engage in a process that is nourishing for your life.

The Package

Sessions are two x 60 minute sessions with a follow up session that is 30 minutes long.The first two sessions should be fairly close together if possible.  Perhaps just a week or two apart.The follow up session should be after four to six weeks.The cost of this package is £99.00

Individual Sessions

If you prefer to try a single session of one hour or have a “top up” session of one hour the cost for this is £60.00Ray’s interest in spirituality and mysticism began as far back as he can remember.  As a child, he would be able to sense what he later understood to be “Energy” and his elder relatives would talk about him “having walked this Earth before”.

Ray’s Background

What really fascinated Ray though was to be able to make sense of this world of “Energy” that he had an inkling of an idea about.  The training really kicked off in the 1990 when he started to learn Tai Chi.  Along with Tai Chi, he was learning the philosophy of Taoism and similar belief systems.  By the mid 1990’s he was learning healing with his Shiatsu work and the nine star Ki system of oriental astrology. Around the turn of the millennium, he had started to go very deep.  He learned a system of feeling Energy or Chi that was non-subjective called Waveform Energetics.  Anybody who had done the training was able to pick up on very subtle energetic shifts.  The non subjective quality appealed to the logical side of Ray’s personality and he became a teacher for the system. As a result of this, he met two ladies on the Black Isle near Inverness who were psychics and spiritual trainers.  He underwent an intense training course with these ladies over the next ten years which was to change his perception of the world and its Energies. In 2010, he gave up a career as an engineer to work on his real passion – healing and Energy.  Since then he has delivered healing, personal development, Taoist Arts training, meditation and Tai Chi training to every type of person imaginable from the extremely fit to people who are extremely frail. Ray lives in the Lincolnshire fens surrounded by nature with his wife and two dogs.

Ray is a energy healer not a psychic reader. He gives healing and recommendations for self development, healing and growth. The benefits are to feel happier and help you have the confidence and strength for a more fulfilling life.

You may have specific goals, such as ‘How can I make myself more able to be a success in my business?’ or more general goals such as ‘I am not very happy in life’ or you may not have a goal whatsoever and just wish to engage in a process which is nourishing for your life. In any event, Ray may be able to help you enhance your well being.

Please ring reception on 01623 625745 to enquire about Ray’s availability.


After I gave my DOB Ray picked up what energy/element I was and described my personality, positives and negatives. This was very accurate. After he studied my personality and what I wanted to improve on, he gave me some healing exercises to do which was a form of meditation. This takes a bit of practice but I have done this and feel it was a great help. I am looking forward to my next session which we are delving deeper in to my healing process. Already I feel stronger. Thank you.