Celebrity Spotlight

He has the Sun in Taurus



Samuel Frederick Smith

He is 6ft 2in tall.

Born 19th May 1992

He is now 26 years of age.

He has two sisters Mabel and Lily.

He has a close- knit family.

Sam has said he would like to start a family with or without a husband when he is thirty.

His net worth is $25 million dollars

He was born in London England and is British.

He suffers with OCD, which he often mentions on Twitter.

He split up with Brandon in 2018 and was said to be devastated.

He grew up performing and studying with the Youth Music Theatre UK.

He is an English Singer and is also a song- writer.

He became well known when in 2012 he was featured on Disclosure’s breakthrough single ‘Latch’

He had is first number one single in May 2013.

Sam was nominated for six Grammy Awards in 2014.

In 2015 he won Best New Artist with ‘Stay with me’ record of the year.

Also ‘In the Lonely Hour’ for best Pop Vocal Album.


Predictions for the Next Year


Sam will have a few emotional issues to deal with and will need the advice or care of a professional.

It is obvious that he is destined for a great future, as long as he deals with his personal problems.

He will be offered something abroad that will put his career further up the ladder.

He will meet someone soon that could be a lasting relationship for him.

He will be approached to write a book maybe his autobiography and also to feature in a film which will be again abroad perhaps America.

His financial situation will go through the roof as his popularity grows and investments start to kick in.

He will consider investing in some property that could bevery lucrative.