Celebrity Spotlight

Date of birth 16th August 1958

She will be 60 years of age this year

Born in Bay City, Michigan, US

Height 5ft 5inch

She has an IQ of 140.

She has 6 children four are adopted.

She has a biological daughter called Lourdes and a son Rocco.

She was married to Sean Penn an actor 1985-1989 and Guy Richie a director 2000-2008

She has two elder brothers and two younger sisters and a younger brother.

Her father is Italian and her mother was French-Canadian.

She is worth 590 million dollars.

When young she had not much money and worked as a waitress at Dunkin Doughnuts.

She is an actress, musician and a songwriter and businesswoman.

Madonna was well known for her outrageous performances.

She has had a colourfullife!!

She performed with several dance troupes and had dreams of being a ballet dancer when she was younger.

She has sold more than 300 million records

She grossed 1.4 billiondollars from sales of her concert tickets. Making her the highest female earner of all time.

She has dated many famous people including John F Kennedy and Antonio Banderas.

At the moment she is said not to be dating anyone in particular.

She has had ten books published.


Predictions for the coming year


It is a good year ahead for 2019, much better than last year for you.

You will decide to put something behind you that you feel quite bitter about.

Steps will have to be taken to issue your health.

You will find lasting love at last with someone that you work with.

You will even consider marriage.

Someone under the sign of Aries will be very attracted to you.

You soon become board so you will make positive changes to enhance your life.

Happiness is there for you as long as you stay focused on your goals.

You will feel that someone in your family is taking you for granted, but let it go on for a while before you have a talk about it with them.

Try not to put your ambitions before your family, as there is already an issue.

You renewed energy will launch your self into a new business deal even though you had told yourself to take some time out.

You will get rid of some stress and have a lovely holiday with friends.

News of a baby on the scene will have everyone excited.

Finances will keep soring for the rest of the year.