Celebrity Spotlight

Tina Turner

Tina Turner Songwriter Actress Dancer and Author

Born under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius

Born 26 November 1939 aged 79 on her birthday

Her real name is Anna Mae Bullock

She was born in NutbushTennesse

Tina was African American.

She is said to be worth $250 million

She had two children Ronnie and Craig.

Craig passed away aftercommitting suicide.

Tina started performing with Ike Turner a musician in the sixties.

She married Ike in 1962

She left in the 1970’s after years of domestic abuse.

She divorced him in 1976

She is now married to Erwin Bach

She is known all over the World as the Queen of Rock

For a while she lived with friends and sang in clubs.

Then her career took off when she released the hit single ‘Lets stay together’ in 1983.

A film was made of her life showing the struggles she had to endure.

She has won 12 Grammy awards.


Predictions for the Following Year


Tina will publish a further book.

Although slowing down her career she will still be in the limelight.

A health problem will be sorted out although not cleared up altogether but improved in some way.

She will be thinking ofbuying a new property.

She will also be involved with a charity that she will help financially.

She will also feel better in herself, after coping with personal problems.

Her finances will go from strength to strength, and a business deal will bring a big injection to herfinances.

She will be involved with something where children are concerned that will be of interest to her public.

She will be asked to host a show of some kind on a TV channel.