Celebrity Spotlight


Walter Bruce Willis

Born 19.3.1955 ages 62years of age

He is 6ft tall

Born in West Germany at a Military Base.

Spouse Emma Heming 2009, Demi Moore 1987

He has 4 daughters.

He attended Montclair State University where he studied drama.

Aferwards he moved to New York City

He likes to collect luxury cars.

In 2015 he was said to be worth $180 million.

In 2000 he paid out a huge $90 million in a divorce settlement and in spite of this is still immensely wealthy.

He is said to be one of the highest paid Actors in the World.

It is said that he was paid $14,000,000 for his role in ‘The Sixth Sense’.

His father was an American soldier and his mother a German citizen.

He had a stutter when he was a child but overcame it and went on to act.

After finishing high school he worked as a security guard.

He lives in New York and it is report that he paid $9 million for his house.

He is an American Actor, Television Producer, Musician, Singer, Film Producer and Business man.

He is best known World Wide for his role in the Die Hard series. His career began in the 1980s. It started on the Off-Broadway stage and then in television.  He has actually appeared in over sixty films.


2018 is a year where you are going to explore your life more personally.

You will feel like doing things that you have not been interested in before.

This will have the result of you having a more creative side in your business and personal life leading to immense satisfaction and a feeling of worth that you have not experienced before.

You will feel inspired by one particular place that you visit.

There will be more balance and peace of mind in your life and you will find that you appreciate more what you have and those around you to.

You will lean towards politics and wonder whether to go down that path.

You will make new friends and leave some old friends behind.

As always you will concentrate on health and fitness, maybe thinking of starting a business in this area

You will look at organizing a stress free holiday for yourself and loved ones.

An exciting career offer towards the end of the year will result in personal satisfaction.

There will be a breakthrough in a stagnant situation due to your communication skills.

A new chapter in your life is about to begin.