Celebrity Spotlight



He is 74 years of age this year.

Born in Jamaica Hospital in borough of Queens New York City on 14th June 1946

He is six foot three tall.

Spouse Melanie Trump 2005 Maria Maples 1993-1999 Ivana Trump 1977-1992

He has five children called Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Junior Barron, Trump Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump

He has eight grand children.

He is the son of Fred Trump a real estate developer

Trump Tower is a 58 floor high rise where some of his relatives live.

He owns six residences altogether.

His net worth in 2020 is 2.1 billion dollars before the Corona Virus he was worth 3.1 billion dollars.

He does not drink or smoke.

He has German and Scottish Ancestors.

He attended the New York Military Academy

He was a businessman and was also a television personality before entering politics.

He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Wharton School.

He owns 18 golf courses throughout the world.

He is the 45th president of the United States and in the Republican Party.

He is known for being loud and direct he just says what he thinks regardless of other people’s feelings or views.

When he was voted in to the Oval Office it was one of the most controversial in the history of the United States.

He has had successes and also failures and the media cannot wait to hear the latest of his adventures.

Predictions for the Next Year


It is going to be a very busy time during the next year.

You will feel that you are pushed to your limit.

However if anyone can succeed and achieve the optimum it would be you.

You will be able to recover your finances to a satisfactory degree.

August and September will stand out as rather good months for you in many ways.

You will make new friends and have new connections that you will be proud of.

You will go against the flow in some ways and have the opposition pressurising you.

Although you wont really want to you will do a few short trips that will be very productive.

There will be something that you really want to accomplish during the next few months.

You will demand more of others around you and push them to the limit.

You will be very attracted to someone that you meet during the next year and consider carefully what your options are.

You will be surprised by the knowledge and information that someone gives you and you will look at them with new respect.

You will consider carefully a new project that will cost an awful lot of money and you will way up whether it is worth going for.

You will feel quite alone at times although you will be surrounded with people.

However the year at the end of the day will be a productive one.