Love/Relationship readings by Gabby PIN 7432

Love/Relationship readings by Gabby. 

Love and relationships are the most complex and challenging readings that I give here at Elizabeth Rose because many of us struggle to contemplate the “truth” of the issues we face in our relationships. 

I feel it is relevant to discuss how to know if you are in a “toxic” relationship. If the person you are with asks you “to date other people as you will never be exclusive”, “not to contact” or “walks out of your shared home to be with someone else” then this is a toxic relationship! 

The by-product of being involved in a toxic relationship over time is that you can become a “victim” of the negative or disrespectful behaviour being displayed. Often, when I give a love reading and link into this energy I am aware that the person is so used to being treated with such a lack of respect that they are surprised to realise that they have been putting up with negativity for so long. 

An honest and empowering love reading allows us to hold a mirror up to our lives and then change things for the better. Love readings should always be empowering and we should always be willing to embrace change! Often, we accept second rate relationships because it is easier or we do not have the courage to walk away. I always say to my clients “Does this person make you feel valued, secure, balanced and happy?”  – if not, walk away. Not to be dramatic but because this is not your soulmate connection. We must remember that by staying in an unfulfilled relationship it is damaging to our own health and well-being. 

I am a great believer that the most empowering love relationship that you ever have in life should be with…….. yourself! Always remember that integrity matters – nurturing and caring for yourself first means that when you do find your soulmate you will be loved for who you are – You will not have to change to be someone that you’re not. 

I am always happy when my clients return to thank me for a love reading that has changed their lives and they have found the happiness they truly deserve.

The Ascension Process and working with the current Energies by Rosalyn PIN 7426

The Ascension Process and working with the current Energies

This is just one description for the evolution of Humanity and the Earth currently underway. Many of you are familiar with it, some more than others but I still speak to folk who’ve never come across it. It is a vast topic and there are as many theories out there as there are Mediums to channel information – so for those new to the concept, let me try to simplify it.

It may help to think of the Earth as a Being, (because she is – let’s use her well known name, Gaia), rather than think of her as a lump of rock! She is rising into the higher dimensions, and we are rising with her. If you are incarnate on this planet at this time, you’re here to either assist in this process or to observe it, but we each have a part to play, each of us holds a piece of the jig saw.

So why is this time so special. It has been known to indigenous peoples for thousands of years. The Mayans predicted the 2012 Portal eons ago, and we did indeed pass through that Energy Gateway. Notice how our world has, and still is changing rapidly in the last five years and ongoing . We’ve seen banking scandals and elite paedophile rings being exposed, armies of whistle-blowers speaking out to illuminate corruption and darkness – in other words, the Light of Truth is being shone in a way that cannot be ignored. If it doesn’t have integrity, it can’t come where we’re going, and so the old structures that kept us limited and in chains are crumbling – we are finally beginning to properly understand that we are all connected, what affects one, affects us all so we must treat one another, and our precious Mother Earth with Love, Compassion and Respect.

So much for the ‘external’ world, but all of this has a profound effect on each of us internally. Our bodies are changing, we are becoming Lighter, our DNA is being realigned and we are increasingly sensitive. We now must have integrity towards ourselves – we must take responsibility. For many that means that the career they once loved, or the social circle that once was a big part of their lives no longer resonates – they find themselves dramatically bereft of relationships they thought would last a lifetime and precious material possessions vanish in a disturbing way!

It’s all part of the process. There are many lists of ‘ascension symptoms’ all over the Internet. Here are just a few:

Erratic sleep patterns

Digestive issues

Emotional roller coaster

A feeling of not fitting in

Respiratory and sinus problems

Extreme fatigue

Tinnitus like symptoms

Vertigo type symptoms

I could go on but for now, suffice it to say that while I’m in no way attempting to give or replace medical advice here, so many people aren’t able to find satisfactory medical diagnosis and/or treatment. It’s worth remembering that there are Holistic treatments and Natural Remedies that can help and can often be used in conjunction with anything your GP recommends if you discuss it with them.

Above all, remember that this is a Journey. It is a process by which we let go of the old, and together we are co-creating Heaven here on Earth – a brand new Golden Age in which you no longer have to leave the physical body in order to experience the bliss of the higher realms. It’s not always an easy process, but it is certainly worth it. We are sooo privileged to be here, in this moment, sharing this most Magical Event!

If you have questions about this topic that you would like me to address in future blogs, please email them

With Love, Light and Magical Blessings


Dream Analysis by Melanie PIN 7423

So you wake up, get up and follow your daily routine. But something is very different – you had a dream last night and it’s that dream that is tapping away in your mind relentlessly. Whether the dream is good, bad, or indifferent, it’s there and it’s confusing and disruptive.

Depending on the content of the dream, you will ask yourself:

‘Was it a premonition?’

‘Why have I had a dream about the girl I sat next to at school, when I don’t know her and haven’t thought about her for twenty years?’

‘What’s the matter with my mind to have such a vile dream?’

Dreams can be both pleasant and/or disturbing. The reason why they commonly make no sense and cannot be deciphered is because dreams are a pathway to the unconscious mind. What’s in your unconscious mind? None of us know. A mixture of impulses/primitive wishes/experiences, both present and from past lives. The unconscious mind holds vast amounts of information locked away in a cupboard. Our dreams give us a temporary key to that cupboard. In our dreams our ego’s defenses are lowered so that repressed material comes through to our awareness. But it always comes through in a very distorted form.

As our experiences,both now and in past lives are different, our unconscious minds are totally individualistic. So in dream interpretation it is impossible to apply a ‘one fits all’ approach. For example, a dream about a snake will mean very different things to different people. Some people will view the snake as an evil premonition because to them a snake represents prey poison and devious behaviour. But in other cultures snakes represent fertility or/and creative life. This is because snakes shed their skin and this is seen as a symbol of rebirth and renewal of life.

Your dreams are individual to you and commonly are symbolic. Please don’t fear their subject matter – it will be symbolic of many things which have come to you in a distorted fashion. I have studied dream interpretation in great depth over many years and can assure not to be frightened of your dream – they are simply a glimpse into your unconscious self.