July 2021 – Elizabeth Rose
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A lot of mystery and a lot of misconception are associated with psychic readings.

Many people poo poo psychics, but psychics have existed since the beginning of time in one-way or another.

Whether is it divining by using the stars or an animals entrails, it has always been there.

I think perhaps people who say they don’t believe are maybe scared and just don’t want to know.

However there are many that have benefited and found comfort and also support through trying times in their lives, by having psychic readings.

What is it, a psychic reading?

Well it is a way of looking into the future for the person requesting it.

It is also a way to receive advice and support and counselling if requested.

Psychics are able to connect or tune in with a person, and accurately some psychics amazingly accurately, and give them information about their future.

Psychics usually have many qualifications and they work to our rules.

Looking into romance, family problems, career, and many other aspects of a person’s life; in order to give them hope and a positive future.

Our psychics are frowned upon giving any medical predictions or medical advice to their client.

Psychics who work for our company are vetted and have to have references to prove their qualities in order to work for us.

There are many reasons why a new boyfriend may blow hot and cold.
If the relationship is fairly new, then he might not know what his feelings are.
He may even feel a bit nervous, especially if he has recently come out of a relationship himself.
He may be just messing you about because he does not know what he wants.
Of course, he may be playing the field and have one or two others on the go until he makes his mind up who he wants.
One thing is for sure if he keeps coming back then there is some attraction and he does like you, but what you want to know is to what extent and will it last.
Sometimes he just wants to play it cool and see how you react.
Some just carry on though, seeing others and playing hot and cold all their lives, because at the end of the day they do not really want to commit.
So, it is not your fault, they would be same with anyone else.
Other’s use is as a strategy, playing mind games to make you keener.
It is a way a man has power over you and the relationship.
Some men use it as a way to make you contact them and hope that you do the running.
Sometimes a lot is going on in his life that he has to deal with, so you will have to give him time to work things out, as you will not be his priority.
Some men panic when feelings start to develop between you, and they draw back to see how they feel about the relationship and the future of it.
It can be very frustrating and upsetting when a man behaves like this in a relationship.
I will give you some tips next month on how to deal with someone who behaves like this.


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