How far back does our psychic awareness go?

At twenty weeks pregnant with twins Andrea Goodrich was given the devastating news that she could lose both her babies. However both her babies are now healthy daughters after one saved the others life before they were born.

A scan had revealed that, Kiki, had a heart problem and fluid was leaking from the placenta. However her sister Nico positioned herself so low in the womb that she acted as a plug, preventing a miscarriage.

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Do you think animals are psychic?

I do. Take the Tsunami in Thailand a few years ago for instance. On the news, television and newspapers, there were hardly any reports of animals being killed? But there were reports of animals behaving in strange ways. For instance an elephant that was used by tourists to have rides broke loose from his keepers and made for higher ground. Ok he knew that something was going on but why head for higher ground? Was this his instinct? Or was it because he was he was psychic and knew he had to get to higher ground. There were many instances similar to this reported at the time.

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