Celebrity Spotlight

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio 

Is an American actor he is also a film producer and an environmental activist. 

He was born 11TH November 1974 aged 42years of age. 

He is 6ft tall. 

His mother was born in Germany she called him Leonardo as when she was pregnant she was looking at a painting by Leonardo when he first kicked so she called him after the Artist. 

His father was half Bavarian and half Italian. 

He is estimated to be worth $245 million dollars. 

He has recently split from his girl friend. 

He has no children. 

Partner Nina Agdal (2016-2017) 

Gisele Bundchen (2000-2005) 

He attended University of California 

He had an Academy Award for best Actor in 2016. 

He received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. 

He began his career appearing in television commercials in the late 1980’s 

He has been nominated many times for an Oscar but never received one. 

Scorpio 24th October- 22November 


Autumn will pick up for you and a choice of work will make you feel good. 

2017 to 2018 you will see changes gradually coming in to set a trend for the future. 

You will be able to expand your horizons if you wish, but you could delay also this.  

However you will find some things irresistible and will have to follow that path. 

Some gossip that you hear will have a deep impression on you and you will have to do something about it. 

There is a danger that you could lose money is a business venture at the beginning of 2018.
A frustrating meeting about your favourite topic will put you in a bad mood till you sort it out. 

After March there does seem to be an element of good luck around you generally. 

Romance is definitely on the cards after February 2018 but you will have to play your cards right to keep it going. 

 Make the most of opportunities to widen your social circle after March. 

May is a strong month and will influence your future career 

However you will strive to make things easier and lest fraught in your life too, especially around the summer months.
A career opportunity will come your way that requires you to change or rearrange your living situation, be prepared to make it happen and you will not look back. 

Changes and up heavels around the month of July will make you indecisive as these changes could affect your love life