Celebrity Spotlight

Tom  Hanks

American Actor Thomas Jeffrey Hanks and filmmaker.

He was born under the sign of Cancer on 9th July 1956 now aged 61years of age.

He is 6ft tall.

Married to Rita Wilson 1988 and Samantha Lewes 1978-1987

He attended California State University, Sacramento.

He has a son Colin Hanks a son Chet Hanks a daughter Elizabeth Hanks and two further sons Chester Marlon Hanks and Truman Theodore Hanks.

His mother was a hospital worker and his father was a cook.

He has a sister and two brothers.

His sister is a writer, his youngest brother is an actor and his eldest brother is an Entomology Professor.

His parents divorced in 1960.

As a child he was very shy.

In 2014 he was said to be worth $390 million.

He is known for his dramatic roles in Turner and Hooch, Sleepless in Seattle the Green Mile You’ve Got Mail and Cast Away to name a few.

He has a huge number of awards and nominations.

Best Actor golden globe awards and Screen Actors Guild award to name a few.

Predictions for the Year Ahead

Personal family problems will rear their head and take time to sort out.

One of his children will request quite a lot of money, it looks like he wants to set up a business and he will think carefully about this and also consult someone else’s opinion about it all.

He will hit the highlight again and fame from a role with of a difference to his usual acting role.

One of his children will need more of his time this year than the others.

A big family celebration will go down very well.

He will think about investing in a new home

He will give permission for some kind of book to be published.

Tom will need to slow down for a while, as he will have to deal with a health problem.

One of his family will be also catapulted into fame.

Someone in his family will also be known for something in the music industry.

He obviously has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies and will find that he needs to trim things down a bit so that they are more easily manageable.

Finances are looking good and one venture towards the end of the year shows a lot of promise.

A positive and interesting year ahead.