Celebrity Spotlight

Leonard DiCaprio

He is an American Actor and is also a film producer.

Aged 43 born 11th November 1974

He is 6ft tall

Worth $245 million

He has a partner Nin Agdal 2016-2017

Gisele Bundchen 2000-2005

He was an only child.

He lives in Los Angeles where he was born and raised.

He has no children.

He is not married and never been married.

He is not gay.

He has dated a lot of women mostly models.

Educated University of California, Los Angeles and Corinne and attended Seeds University Elementary School.

He has received an Oscar and Golden Globe nominations.

He has been in some amazing movies

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Revenant

The Great Gatsby

The Titanic

Just to name a few.

He began his career many years ago in the 1980’s when he appeared in television commercials.

About ten years ago he bought an island in Belize.

He and Kate Winslet helped pay the nursing home fees for the last Titanic survivor.

He was named Leonardo because his mother was looking at a painting  by Leonardo da Vinci when she first felt him move.

Leonardo spent a lot of his childhood with his grandparents in Germany and as a result speaks perfect German.

When Leonardo first tried to get an agent they wanted to change his name to Lenny Williams.

Predictions for the next twelve months.

A bit of a rocky road coming up regarding his personal life this is coming up during the next twelve months.

However he will sort out a family problem and others will be relying on him to do so.

A ghost writer will write his autobiography or talks will begin to put this into action.

He will be focused on with something that he is doing for a charity.

A new Movie will go like a bomb for him and be a box office hit.

He will be seen around with a well known celebrity for longer than the usual girl friend time!!

He will spend some time in Australia and conclude a lucrative business deal.

His finances will increase even more due to wise investments.

He will come to London for a film premier.

He will concentrate on his health and diet more so during the next twelve months.

He will be involved with something connected with cars or racing cars.